Agritourism: When Farming and Entertainment Meet

Agritourism: When Farming and Entertainment Meet
Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

ExecutiveChronicles | Agritourism: When Farming and Entertainment Meet | If you are completely tired of the noisy city, constant traffic jams, the frantic pace of life and the ubiquitous signs of civilization, then it’s probably time for you to go on an agricultural trip. In the most general sense, agritourism is a vacation in the countryside, away from the benefits of civilization. Adventurers tempted to travel all over the world go to the very depths to radically change the situation, feel the delights of rural life or try themselves in a completely new domain. Perhaps the main advantage of agritourism is the possibility of a calm, measured rest away from the big city.

Among other things, agritourism allows you to immerse yourself in the original rural culture and get a unique practical experience. However, be prepared for the fact that you will have to live far from the most comfortable conditions without the usual household amenities.

Who Chooses Agritourism

Basically, those people who have already seen a lot in their lives, got acquainted with the peculiarities of many countries and now dream of seeing them from the other side, so to speak, from the inside, eventually come to choose agritourism.

Usually these are people who are already difficult to surprise with anything and are tired of large concrete cities. Agritourism allows them to spend vacation in a calm environment, to feel the simple delights of life that they have simply stopped noticing.

And although agritourism is usually chosen by the elderly and mature people, young people and athletes also tend to like it. Many of us do not even realize how much entertainment can be found in an ordinary village, for example, mastering a trade or learning to ride a horse, milk a cow, or weave a basket from a vine.

Different Types of Agritourism

The forms of agrotourism organization used in practice can be divided into the following main types.

Farming Agritourism

Some tourists prefer to combine business with pleasure and go to the village for work therapy. 

The purpose is that tourists can not only see what the farmers do, but also participate in agricultural work, for example, harvesting crops, caring for animals, bees, making cheese, or learning how to milk a cow or till the soil. This way, they learn the technology of food production from the inside, experiencing modern techniques that come with it. More so, they can learn about sustainable farming practices in growing crops and how important they are for the environment and food quality. Visit here to read more about it. 

Tourists can learn more specific classes. For instance, in one Italian province there is a farm where olive oil is produced on a rare press of the 19th century. Tourists are taught to choose the right olives and make oil from them using a special mechanical method. And as an unusual souvenir, they receive a bottle of a unique product created with their own hands.

Culinary Agritourism

In recent years, culinary tourism has significantly strengthened its position. When applied to life in the countryside, it means getting to know culinary rarities that you will not try anywhere else and never.

Rural fairs and festivals also invariably arouse a lively interest of agritourists. It is here that you can enjoy organic products, carefully grown by the hands of farmers. And here you can also stock up on top-notch vegetables, fruits and berries, so that later you can make amazing blanks out of them. Some items can be purchased directly from the fair. A jar of fragrant honey, a bunch of dried fish or a miraculous herbal collection will be pleasant and very useful acquisitions.

Ethno Agritourism

Another very informative direction is ethno agritourism. Thanks to it, tourists will look into the new culture, discover ancient customs, and feel the unique spirit of antiquity.

Sports Agritourism

This type of agritourism specializes in active types of recreation. They are mainly adapted for horse riding, kayaking, swimming, cycling, tennis, and in winter – skiing and skating.

Informative Agritourism

This type of agrotourim is accompanied by numerous excursions to study the sights of the area related to history, architecture, and natural objects. It is interesting for those who like to watch rare species of animals and birds. Experienced instructors can organize observations with binoculars.

Exotic Agritourism

Some farmers grow wild and rare animals and unusual plants, thereby attracting exotic lovers. Minks, ostriches, and deer are often kept on farms, some even having their own mini-zoos.

Agritourism is a real salvation for those who are tired of the city and desperately crave fresh experiences. More so, it can provide additional income to small and mid-size farms, ranches, and rural communities, helping to support and enhance quality of life in rural areas. 

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels