Aerosol Production 101: Everything You Should Know About it

Aerosol Production 101
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Aerosol Production 101: Everything You Should Know About it | The technology and regulation around and aerosol products are constantly improving. Since 1978, aerosol products have been clean of any CFCs. On top of that, more and more aerosol cans are made with recycled metal and include other technological improvements to benefit both the user and the environment.

So what exactly can aerosol products do for you? Read on to learn all about aerosol products and the features they boast today!

The Many Uses of Aerosol Products 

Aerosol products have always been fairly flexible. Today, you can find aerosol products that come in an amazing variety of sizes and configurations. If you find the right company, you can even find aerosol production services that will acquire all the necessary materials to make custom aerosol products suited for your needs.

Many people are familiar with how aerosol products are used in the kitchen. Commonly, cooking oils, baking sprays, and even coffee and tea often rely on aerosol technology.

Aerosol products can also be used in the home. Many household cleaners, insect repellents, sanitizers, and essential oils are best delivered through aerosol products.

In the industrial field, aerosol cans are often used to deliver lubricant, degreaser, solvents, and other important chemicals where they need to go.

How Bag-on-Valve Technology Has Improved Aerosol Products 

More and more aerosol cans are made of recycled materials. On top of that, the new bag-on-valve aerosol technology has made aerosol products more convenient than ever before.

Inside a bag-on-valve aerosol product, there is a collapsible bag that holds the deliverable. Because this bag collapses as you use up the deliverable, the aerosol can access the product’s last vestiges. 

The result is that you get all of the product out of an aerosol can. Nobody likes to buy an 8 oz can of product but cannot access the last ounce or two inside the can.

There are also other advantages to the bag-on-valve technological advancement. The separation between the propellant and the actual deliverable makes it so the force of the aerosol can be provided through nitrogen or compressed air.

Most of our atmosphere is composed of nitrogen, so using nitrogen as a propellant does not hurt the environment. Nitrogen is also a highly inert gas, so it is not at all dangerous to users. And, of course, using compressed air does not have any effect on the user or environment. 

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Enjoy All of the Benefits of Professional Aerosol Production

We hope that you were able to learn something helpful from this brief article on aerosol production. This amazing technology has so many uses and is becoming more and more accessible to everyone.

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Photo by cottonbro from Pexels