Adjust the office to get more productive employees

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Adjust the office to get more productive employees

Getting people in the office to focus is just one of the more important tasks a manager has. There’s only so much you can do with seminars and motivational speeches. Sometimes what’s needed is a change of environment. The right kind of office space will most certainly stimulate workers and let them do their job a little bit better. There are lots of things you can change, you just need to know where to start. Some things affect workers more than others and it’s important that you implement them first. Here are some examples you can choose from.

1. The right temperature

No matter what climate your office is located in, you’re going to want the temperature inside to be at a comfortable room temperature. Unfortunately, people have differing opinions on what “comfortable” means. Your office probably isn’t a monolith when it comes to discussions regarding heat. Obviously, nobody wants to work in sub-zero temperatures, but other than that you will find it difficult to please everyone.

Some people like working in a comfortable twenty degrees Celsius, which is regular room temperature. Others will pester you until the thermometer is set to a sub-tropical twenty-six degrees.

Satisfying everyone isn’t going to be possible, so you have to look at other factors. Instead of asking yourself what temperature people want to work at, you should instead look at the raw numbers. Statistics show that productivity is optimal at around twenty-two degrees Celsius, meaning this should be the number you strive for.

What you should avoid are lower temperatures. Tropical temperatures will annoy workers, but it will hardly affect their work unless they are on the edge of boiling. However, the cold is another story altogether. If the temperature dips below nineteen degrees, you will see an increase in worker errors whether the people are dressed appropriately or not.

2. Lighting is crucial

Nobody is a big fan of regular office lights. They are often somewhat dim and they don’t exactly radiate any kind of subjective warmth. When it comes to providing enough light to see things, they’ll do the job right, but you should reconsider them. Not liking fluorescent lights doesn’t mean you’re just sick of seeing them, there’s some science that backs you up. While it may be a staple of office work, artificial lighting is more than just a minor annoyance, it can actually harm productivity in workers.

Fluorescent lights generally aren’t good for your circadian rhythm. The artificial light they provide tricks your mind into thinking it is day time even when you’re deep into the night. You might find that you feel sluggish after spending many hours beneath them. Increasing the amount of natural light available in the office is going to do wonders for productivity.

Not only will employees feel more refreshed during the day, but this effect will also transfer into night time. Since their sleeping patterns will improve, the amount of rest they need is reduced and they’ll be able to endure the time they spend in artificial light later during the day.

3. Spruce things up a bit

Good design isn’t just something you add to the office for fun, it’s a versatile tool that can improve productivity. It’s no secret that being in an attractive environment boosts confidence and motivation. How you get to create this environment is up to you. Colour is one of the most important factors. It’s instantly noticeable and the effects are staggering. The colour of your walls, floors, and even ceilings is going to have an impact on your employees.

Different colours give different reactions. The colour white is pretty popular in most work environments because it gives off a sterile and professional vibe. Overdoing it might make it seem too sterile, however. Red is more aggressive and imposing, while yellow is energetic and cozy. Picking the right colour isn’t the only thing that stimulates workers. Furniture and decorations are just as important. Having ergonomic and visually attractive chairs is going to do wonders for the backs and minds of your employees.

Adding plants gives your office a kind of peace and tranquillity and it makes it seem much less stuffy. The right kind of floor decoration is also important. Get yourself a mat from a place like Mat Shop that matches the colour palette of the office and it’s going to be like the cherry on top of a colourful cake. If possible, find lights that give off a similar mood to the rest of the decorations.

4. Noise disrupts work

When you work in an office, you’re going to be surrounded by lots of people who are busy doing their own thing. Nobody works in absolute silence so you will obviously hear what they’re doing. If there are too many individuals making calls and moving things from one place to another, it’s going to make quite a bit of noise. This probably won’t sit well with a lot of coworkers. Noise is going to be a huge drain on productivity in the office, whichever way you look at it.

Someone will be annoyed and, in their anger, they won’t be able to do their job right. Others simply can’t work with any distractions in their way.  In today’s collaborative work environment, you can’t really avoid this noise, but you can find ways to mitigate it. Noise cancelling headphones are one way you can help them cope with the noise. Sometimes, workers will play music on these headphones to soothe themselves during work hours. You should keep in mind that not all music boosts productivity.

Often times it can also serve as a distraction, which is why music should either be discouraged or employees should read up on how to get their music to help them. Working in a noisy and cramped space won’t help you get something crucial done when you’re in a hurry. Perhaps it would be wise to have a separate room dedicated to really important work that shouldn’t be disrupted. A whole different section of the office can be dedicated to this. In this room, you can have people handle sensitive office material with the utmost care.


In conclusion, the right kind of work environment is up for debate. Some people like working in a colourful setting, while others prefer a more uniform look. Some things, like temperature, are pretty universal and improving them will help your workers achieve their true potential. This increase in productivity will be extremely beneficial for your bottom line and you will be satisfied with the end result.