Adding a Bit of Magic to Your Kids’ Room

Bit of Magic to Your Kids’ Room | Adding a Bit of Magic to Your Kids’ Room | If there is one room inside the home that is going to be decorated differently from the rest of the rest of the house, then that’s the children’s room. Kids enjoy vivid colors and tactile challenges, so you need to add a bit of magic to their playroom/bedroom.

A themed room

Kids’ favorite superheroes and cartoon characters change often. Luckily, it’s easy to figure out whether they are impresses by Captain America or Spiderman. Once you find out who their favorite superhero is, it’s time to go shopping.

Everything is branded nowadays, so you can turn the kids’ room into a real theme park. From cushion, across pillows, and all the way to the walls, every section of the room can have Spiddy’s face or Captain’s white-stared shield.

Keep in mind that if you have two children with different favorite superheroes or cartoon characters, the room will require two themes.  

Interactive walls

We’ve mentioned that the walls are among the surfaces that should get “branded.” Apart from posters and framed pictures, the walls of the kids’ room can become interactive. Namely, hanging a blackboard from a wall and giving your kids chalk is a great way for them to express their artistic side.

Sure, there are smartboards out there, but doesn’t your kid already get plenty of screen time? If you want a modern version of the blackboard, then hang a whiteboard and hand out markers to your kids.

Storage troubles

There probably isn’t a home on the planet that couldn’t do with some extra storage place. The problem is most pronounced in rooms that have the most mess inside them, i.e. the children’s room. It’s not just about the toys lying scattered across the floor, it’s about the overflowing drawers, kid’s boxes, wardrobes, etc.

The best way to resolve these storage troubles is to put to good use space you haven’t considered earlier. For instance, the space under the bed is ideal for storing toys or bedsheets. If you store anything other than kids’ stuff inside their room (all parents do this, let’s admit it), then the top of the wardrobe is the ideal storage place.

Safety first

Speaking of storage, everything inside the kids’ room should be stored safely, before all. This means that children shouldn’t be able to reach it or if they do, the casing or the packaging should be tamperproof.

For example, if you wish to store excess bed sheets on top of the wardrobe, then use mattress protectors to prevent dust from collecting. If possible, objects stored at height should be tied down somehow or squeezed tight between the top shelf and the ceiling.

Establishing a reading corner

We’ve mentioned earlier that your children should read more and stare less at the computer screen. The interior design of the children’s room can help with this effort. Namely, apart from a desk, a chair, and a bed, there should also exist a cozy reading corner.

The reading nook will teach children that reading is fun from an early age. The best location is near the window, so they get plenty of natural light. For nighttime reading, install an LED lamp and stuff the corner with cushions. The reading nook would have just one rule: no smartphones allowed!

Come up with a magical color scheme

As far as the general colors scheme is concerned, it is going to heavily depend on the superhero theme we spoke about earlier. However, the hues used for the walls should differ from the rest of the house. Choose magical pastel colors, such as green, blue, yellow, orange, etc.

To add some contrast to the overall color scheme, paint the ceiling in a darker shade of the same colors. This will also make the room appear bigger than it really is, perfect for kids’ rooms with double bunk beds.

Homework shouldn’t be a drag

If you do everything correctly, children will their new room. However, they are going to shy away from the desk because it reminds them of all the homework they have to finish. Luckily, a room’s décor has an impact on human psychology, so you can turn homework into a fun activity.

A cool study area should feature various amenities, from themed LED lamps that change colors and a wall organizer. In addition, the desk should be clear of clutters, so it looks inviting, no matter how Maths or English can be boring at times.

Your kid is the best interior design consultant

In the effort to create a magical space for their kids, parents often go overboard. They even hire a professional interior designer without asking their child what he or she likes. To ensure the little ones like the new design, you first have to consult them, as they are the real pros.

Adding a bit of magic to the kids’ room is easier than you thought. After you furnish the room, its’ time to select an appealing color scheme for the wall. Finally, choose a theme kid(s) would adore and disseminate it across walls and bedsheets.

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