A Few Crypto.com Basics

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ExecutiveChronicles | A Few Crypto.com Basics | Those who are getting into crypto holding and trading may wonder what site, platform, or app to use. You might see commercials for many of them, and you may see social media ads as well. The ones with more money have launched aggressive ad campaigns to try and bring in new investors.

For instance, maybe you have seen commercials for Crypto.com. We will talk about it right now so that you can decide if setting up an account with them and keeping your crypto assets there makes sense.

Why Get into Crypto?

Before we get into why you might choose to utilize Crypto.com, we’ll go through a brief crypto industry rundown. The blockchain technology market should equal $40 billion in 2025, which is pretty astonishing when you think about it. 

Just a few years ago, most people considered blockchain and crypto unknowable technology. It was very niche, and the average investor shied away from it.

A lot can certainly change in just a few years, though. Right now, many individuals see crypto and blockchain as fertile investment areas. Crypto commercials that aired during the Superbowl left little doubt that crypto had arrived in a major way.

Bitcoin is probably the best example of crypto reaching mainstream status. If you knew enough to get into it back in 2009, and you still have your holdings, you’re likely a millionaire.

It’s not too late to jump into this market, though, and Crypto.com is an attractive option if you want to move in this direction in 2022.

What Should You Know About Crypto.com?

Crypto.com is an exchange app. Singapore is their home base. There are 10 million people using it right now, and that number should go up as this year progresses.

The top investment sites feel that Crypto.com is one of the best picks because it has excellent security features. That’s one of the main reasons some people still want to avoid investing in crypto, so this app might be the answer if you remain on this market’s fringes but haven’t leaped in quite yet.

If you head over to Crypto.com, the first thing you’ll probably notice is that you can invest in crypto there, but you can also trade it quite easily. You can store your crypto there in a wallet, and you can even invest in NFTs if that’s something that interests you.

What Else Might Convince You to Try It?

Crypto.com also offers more than 250 different crypto forms at the moment. That’s impressive, and more than some other apps feature. 

They offer reasonable fees if you want to do some trading or buying with them, and they also have generous discounts and incentives if you hold quite a bit of your crypto there. In that respect, it’s much like a bank that gives you a favorable interest rate if you keep your money there.

You can also use Crypto.com on both a smartphone and a tablet. You can use it on a desktop or laptop. If you want to set up an account, you’ll need ID verification, but the process won’t take long at all. Within a couple of days, you should be up and running, ready to buy, sell, and trade your favorite crypto forms.


You should also know that much like many of these other competing platforms, Crypto.com has its own digital currency. They will often give you some as an incentive if you sign up with them and hold a certain amount of assets there.

Crypto.com calls its digital currency CRO. It has done quite well over the past few months. In fact, if you look at how it did between January and November of 2021, it went up an impressive 1400%.

Transaction Fees

Like every other one of these platforms, Crypto.com needs to make its money, and they do that mainly through fees. If you want to sign up with them, make sure that you read all the fine print so that you understand when they charge you for one of their services.

For instance, if you use a debit card to deposit funds you’re going to use to buy crypto, they’ll charge you a nominal fee for that. You might not care about the expense so much if you only make a deposit occasionally, but if you deposit funds there often, you might not like it so much.

On the whole, there’s a lot to like about Crypto.com if you’re getting into the crypto buying and selling game.