A Cool Working Place in The Common Space

the common space

By Rod Gabriel | ExecutiveChronicles and The Rod Trip

Freelancers, virtual assistants, marketing consultants, part time data encoders rejoice, a new coworking space has just been opened barely a month ago in Pergola Mall, BF Paranaque.

We’ve all been complaining on how horrendous the traffic is now most especially this Christmas season, when all drivers, hands on the steering wheel are plying the major thoroughfares bringing a lot of people in and out of the malls and major shopping places.

The Common Space has a solution for you. Owned by Jahzon Lih, start-up entrepreneur, The Common Space now offers coworking space, printing, scanning and virtual office services in this part of town.

The Common Space

Jahzon says that before you rent out space in the major business districts in Metro Manila, consider a coworking space, and avoid the hassles of paying a lot of overhead for electricity, internet, printing and scanning costs brought about by renting an office space and acquiring expensive equipment. A coworking space is more affordable, and is far more appealing than the square type rooms with a few office chairs and tables that appears to be cramped and dull looking.

The Common Space has a generally peaceful ambiance that brings about your creativity and even promotes collaboration with people who frequently work here. They are open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

The Common Space has a fully furnished meeting room, complete with whiteboard and a wide screen LED telly for your presentation needs. It has has a separate private room which you can rent out for a monthly basis for groups of five.

The Internet connection is fairly fast at 15 Mbps, and there are two computers available if you need them, just in case bringing your own laptop becomes a chore.


There’s a nook where you can have unlimited piping hot coffee and tea available for select packages.

The Common Space

The Common Space is ideal for businessmen, freelancers, online practitioners and would probably be good for those who are looking for places to hold meetings, seminars and workshops. The place is student friendly too, as they have special prices for students, who are looking for a quiet place to study, do homework and the like.

the common space

If you happen to be in the search for a coworking space in BF Paranaque, there’s only one as of this writing. The Common Space is also adjacent to a lot of food places, supermarkets and is near Ruins, if you happen to be needing a few good buys.

For more details and updates from The Common Space, you may visit their website at http://www.thecommonspace.ph for more details.