A Brief Over of the Different Types of Campsites That Exist Today

7 Camping Essentials You Need A Brief Over of the Different Types of Campsites That Exist Today Camping

A Brief Over of the Different Types of Campsites That Exist Today | 40 million people. That’s how many Americans go on camping trips every year! And, thanks to COVID restrictions limiting international travel, it seems likely that this astronomical figure’s only going to increase in 2021.

Contrary to popular opinion, though, not all camping’s made equal! Thanks to the varying types of campsites that exist nowadays, you can experience these adventurous vacations in a wide array of ways. Want to learn more?

Read on to discover the best campsites for different interests.

Public and Private Campsites

A major distinction between campsites is whether they’re public or private.

The former type is more common and, as you’d expect, are open to the general public. You’ll find them in places like state parks and state recreation areas, with budget-friendly prices to boot. They’re the best tent campsites for families looking for an affordable time away.

By contrast, the latter exists on private land and tends to be run as businesses by companies or landowners. If you’re looking for extra amenities (such as swimming pools, games rooms, and so on), then private campsites are the places to go! Just expect to pay more for a pitch in the process as well!

Serviced and Unserviced Sites

Some campsites come with an electrical hook-up, as well as a greywater connection (that’s wastewater for anybody new to camping!), and a freshwater supply. Called a “fully serviced” site, the best RV campsites tend to fit in this category.

The opposite is known as an “unserviced” site. As you can probably guess, these ones fail to offer the same luxuries you enjoy with serviced options. With no electrical hook-up, you’d have to be self-sufficient as far as power’s concerned.

Backcountry and Frontcountry Campsites

If you want a taste of true adventure and survivalist camping, then we’d recommend going to a backcountry campsite! As basic as it gets, you have to get there under your own steam, by foot or water. Upon arrival, expect nothing more than a space to pitch a tent and (if you’re lucky) a simple vault toilet.

Frontcountry campsites aren’t quite as wild! Otherwise known as “drive-up” or “established” sites, you can take your vehicle down to cleared and marked areas that are designated for campers. Amenities are often limited, but you might find picnic tables and fire pits, as well as a bathroom with running water.

Glamping Campsites

Like the sound of sleeping outdoors but unsure about roughing it in the backcountry? Well, you’re sure to love “glampsites”.

Short for “glamorous camping”, these sites offer cabins, yurts, and other high-end camp accommodation, complete with all the amenities and creature comforts you could ever need. Perfect for romantic getaways with your partner, don’t forget to look into the best tent cots for camping if the site you go to doesn’t supply them.  

Remember the Different Types of Campsites

Tens of millions of Americans go camping every year! And for good reason. You can’t beat spending the night under canvas.

Better still, there are many different types of campsites for you to find the style of camping you like best. We hope this article has shed light on the main ones! To read more information on this topic, search “camping” on the website now.