9 Things to Follow When You’re Buying Clothes for Yourself

9 Things to Follow When You're Buying Clothes for Yourself karen-bordador

9 Things to Follow When You’re Buying Clothes for Yourself | Everyone loves shopping – there’s no distinction between men and women. However, statistics show that men are more enthusiastic about purchasing things online. Conversely, women take more time browsing different objects while weighing their opinion about which product to buy. And it’s healthy for people to purchase stuff since it stimulates our brain to release serotonin, thereby making us happy. Though folks also tend to return stuff a lot. We learn that shoppers return 5-10 percent of what they’ve bought in a store and 15-40 percent of online things. Then how to make the right choice while buying a garment for yourself? Here, we’ll explain some strategies to make you a well-informed shopper.

Tips for Buying the Right Clothes

Many people find shopping difficult because they’re prone to purchase things impulsively and regret this decision later. That’s how shopping has become a bittersweet experience for most women! Now, digital shopping has reduced the time people take to contemplate their purchase decisions. What you need are restraints to ensure that your shopping streaks turn into some long-term investments. Hence, as winter approaches, we’ve gathered some suggestions to help make your next shopping experience convenient and reasonable. Our tips will avert you from buying clothes you’ll wear once and then hate for the rest of the year. Therefore, undertake these wardrobe resolutions to avoid buying just out of curiosity:


  • Buy Clothes That Fit


Experts recommend purchasing silhouettes that complement your figure. For example, women with an hourglass outline should wear A-line and shift dresses. Similarly, bodycon and fit-and-flare ones mirror women with a bottom-heavy silhouette. Conversely, straight-shaped women can wear a shift dress but should avoid bodycon garments. Furthermore, being a plus-size lady, you can search online for women’s plus size dresses to understand which outlines mirror the shape of your body. It’ll help you buy the right clothing.


  • Try the Clothes On


How to know for sure that a garment looks good on you? The only way to become certain that you’ll buy an article of clothing is to “try it on.” Sometimes, even the most glamorous-looking clothes can appear stale when worn for the first time. So, trying clothes on can help you appraise how they look on your tender frame. You can also try on various silhouettes to discover styles that complement your body. That’s why some women prefer in-person shopping over ordering garments online.


  • Check out Its Fabric


Don’t buy something because it looks elegant; instead, consider the fabric. Remember that investing in high-quality materials will lead to a better experience for you. Statistics show that consumers are more interested today in buying clothes that weren’t made by harming the environment. One report has revealed that 29% of customers wanted to possess clothes created without harming animals. So, deeply consider your values as well before you purchase something toxic for the human body.


  • Consider Your Other Clothes


Buying clothes will often compel you to purchase accessories to go with them. It can potentially lead you to overspend and acquire unnecessary garments. We recommend visualizing your wardrobe for asking yourself: What can you wear with this piece of clothing? If an article goes with the garments you’ve already bought, you may consider buying it. However, if you can’t imagine yourself wearing it with anything in your collection, purchasing this article right now isn’t probably a good idea at all.


  • Discover Other Brands


Don’t restrict yourself to shop from certain brands where you feel comfortable. There isn’t anything wrong with preferring your favorites. Still, you shouldn’t avoid an amazing brand just because you’re not familiar with it! It’ll motivate you to purchase dresses from high-end labels as well as affordable brands. So, don’t stop exploring and extinguishing your curiosity throughout the year if it means you shall discover stylish garments to add to your collection. Keep looking for quality over quantity.


  • Keep Your Measurements with You


Make sure that your hip, chest, and waist measurements are with you while shopping digitally. It will help you compare these measurements with the shop’s size chart. Also, you must bring a measuring tape during an in-person shopping escapade. Then you may ascertain whether a piece fits you or not before buying it. Since vintage clothes have different sizes, having your measurements at hand helps you shopping recycled garments. And keep measurements updated before venturing into stores.


  • Your Intention to Wear It


How often do you intend to wear this article of clothing? A survey shows that average British women wear something seven times while many of them don’t wear it twice as they don’t want to appear in pictures wearing it again. So, consider the lifespan of the garment you’re contemplating purchasing. Ask yourself again, “Do I love it?” since buying something you cherish will encourage you to wear it more often. That’s how you can carry on building the closet of glamor you’ve always dreamed of!


  • Don’t Buy for One Occasion


Similarly, you shouldn’t purchase a dress for a particular occasion with the specific intention of never wearing it again publicly in the future. We’ve all bought garments for a best friend’s wedding or that exclusive Christmas party! But such pieces seldom get more than a single outing after being bought! Instead, you should ensure that your wardrobe contains many articles for special events. 


  • Try Rental Fashion


But some people will persist wearing something once and then never allowing a pair of eyes to look at this garment anymore. So, we suggest embracing rental fashion to appease yourself. We can rent clothes cost-effectively in 2021 – thanks to the incredible expansion of the rental fashion industry. It allows men/women to get their greedy hands on stylish dresses they can’t afford. So, if you plan never to wear it again, it makes sense to just rent it instead of buying an expensive article of clothing!


Americans have a strong fashion sense, research has revealed. Reuters states that 86% of people believe that you can remain stylish within a limited budget. No wonder an average woman has 103 garments in her closet! So, which questions should you ask yourself while adding more to your wardrobe collection? You should consider cost/wear, i.e., how many times will you wear this piece of cloth? It can help women purchase expensive garments only when they intend to wear them. Buy trendy clothes that are attention-grabbing and fit on your body. Choose quality over quantity and avoid buying things you find uncomfortable wearing. Thus, these simple methods will help you buy the right clothes for yourself.