9 Best Tools to Capture the Screen 2021

9 Best Tools to Capture the Screen 2021

9 Best Tools to Capture the Screen 2021 | Recording what appears on our computer screen has more utilities than we can see at first. We can record a slide show with our voice, record guides or tutorials to teach how a computer application works, correct documents ( text, image, etc.) and incorporate voice corrections, etc. Today we present a selection of the best screencasting tools, which help you record screen effortlessly.

  1. RecordCast: If you want to record presentations, software demos or tutorials, please try RecordCast Screen Recorder. You can capture footage from the desktop or webcam and record audio from the microphone. It is also possible to record the entire screen and manually select an page, such as a Chrome tab or application window. In any case, it is pretty good as a free screen recorder without watermark for personal use!
  2. Screencast-o-Matic: an online screencaster that allows us to record all the videos we want from a maximum of 15 minutes each. The easiest to use. We can select a part of the screen, all, insert a box with the image of the webcam, etc. In the free version, it has a discreet watermark. The Pro version, quite cheap (about $ $19.80 a year), is very powerful: it removes the minute limit per video, the watermark, incorporates an editor, and so on.
  3. Screenapp.io: a very intuitive screen recorder and video editor. Its price is very cheap, as it allows monthly subscriptions from $12 per month. The free version allows you to record up to 10 minutes, so it should be considered for those who do not want to spend money.
  4. Loom: Loom is included as a browser extension, being very easy to use, and there are versions for Windows and Mac.
  5. Screencastify: another online screencasters, now with a maximum recording duration of 5 minutes.
  6. Apowersoft: a very complete tool for Windows and Mac, which also allows other possibilities, such as inserting text, notes, icons, etc.
  7. OBS Studio: It allows transitions, mixing audio, broadcasting live, etc. For Windows, Mac or Linux.
  8. Camtasia: is a screen recorder and video editor. Its price is higher than $249. It is one of the best known, appearing in numerous Video editor lists as favorites.
  9. Debut Video Capture: very powerful screen recorder, in the desktop version, which is built into an extensive video editing package. If you learn how to use it all together, you can make watermarks.

How many ways can Screen Recording be used?

  • Correction of materials: When we face online materials, correction is a complicated thing. Well, as long as we don’t have a screencaster on hand. Observe.
  • Screenshot: You can capture the image of a blog or website and annotate it with marks. Then we can make explicit with a screencast the feedback from those brands.
  • Video screencast: mainly used to indicate aspects of images, situations, gestures if they are videos of people, etc.
  • Tutorials: Screen recording is a quick and effective option to teach how an application works, a web process, and so on.
  • Slide shows: A slide show can be projected on the monitor (full screen) with the voice explanation.

If you have any more cool screen recorders or suggestions, please leave them in the comments.