8 Ways to Help Your Business Grow During a Crisis


ExecutiveChronicles.com | 8 Ways to Help Your Business Grow During a Crisis | These uncertain times brought many issues to the world of business. Many are struggling to maintain their regular cash flow while still making new business deals. If your business is suffering due to the current situation, there are ways for you to get back on your feet. These 8 useful tips will help your business prosper even in the midst of a crisis. 

Eliminate unnecessary expenses

First, you need to evaluate your current expenses. This process is not going to be pleasant, but in order to save your business, you’ll have to cut back on your expenses.

Determine what is necessary and what needs to go. Your business will undergo certain changes but every step counts and can make a difference. 

Maintain a strong bond with your employees

Communication is the key. That goes for your bond with your employees as well.  During this time of uncertainty, many of your employees are feeling anxious regarding their health and financial status. For that reason, you need to provide your staff with all the information regarding how to deal with the crisis.  

Try to organise online meetings and ask for their feedback. Offer them help and support whenever you feel like they are struggling. Be open about the current situation and talk to them about it. 

Start working from home

Be prepared for anything. Some of your employees might not be able to work in the office. 

Even though most people have internet access that might not always be enough for them to do the work as efficiently as they would do in the office.

For these reasons, you should provide adequate equipment for your staff so that they can keep up the good work.

Create plans for possible outcomes

The change is unavoidable. It’s bound to happen no matter what you do. However, what you can do is predict certain scenarios and be prepared for them. For instance, you know that because of this current situation payments will be slower than usual. 

Some organisations haven’t been affected by this pandemic at all, while others have suffered humongous losses. 

Think about in which ways your company will most likely be affected and talk to your employees about possible solutions. Getting your employees involved in problem-solving strategies will help a lot. No matter how long this pandemic lasts, it’s important that you know how to deal with it. 

Change the way your business operates

Try to change the way your business operates. Change can be refreshing sometimes. In order to adapt to the changes happening in the economy right now, you need to consult your employees too. Give them a chance to offer their own ideas and solutions regarding how to operate the business during these times. 

Your goal should be to come up with innovative ways to offer your products and services to people during this period. No matter how challenging it may seem, this change may help your business grow and maybe even evolve in a new direction. 

Protect your cash flow

You need regular cash flow in order for your business to remain stable. What you need to do to protect your cash flow is to regulate your inflows and outflows. You need to ensure there is a stable and controlled level of both cash outflows and inflows. They need to be equal.  

Try out some of the new payment options and offer early payment cashback. The survival of your company should be your number one priority. 

Consult a legal advisor

In a time of panic and uncertainty, running a business can be quite challenging and overwhelming. That is why bringing stability to your paperwork and creating new business deals is very important. Even though it may be chaotic in the world of business right now that shouldn’t stop you from going after new opportunities for your business.

However, you do have to approach this matter carefully. Even the tiniest mistakes can cost you a lot. For that reason, many Australian companies rely on professional help and seek legal advisors. 

Legal help is always welcome and recommended for handling new business deals. Put your trust in commercial lawyer Sydney to have your company’s employment agreements, transactions, documentation, and other important paperwork handled by experienced professionals.  


Build loyalty with your clients

Lastly, try to build loyalty with both your new and current clients. Offer them special deals to help them go through these difficult times. This way you’ll be creating a stronger bond with them and encourage your company’s cash inflow by showing support to your loyal customers. 


All things considered, one ought to be careful during these times. Though many things may remain uncertain, there are still ways for you to help your business grow even during a crisis. 

Mike is an Australian business consulting specialist. He’s working with companies that outsource their IT maintenance. He often writes about technology, business and marketing and is a regular contributor on several sites.