8 Things to Say During a Job Interview


You would probably be preparing for so many job interviews in your lifetime. Every interview would be different, and there are a few things that would change. Most of your employers would probably ask the same questions because they are looking for something in common. Here are some of the few things you could point out while on an interview:

  1. You know the company. Before going to the interview, one must have done its research. Visit the company’s blog, read about recent articles about the company, or look at its social media. Know the scope of their company. Try incorporating your knowledge to your responses. In this way, they can see that you are really interested in their company.
  2. You have the experience. Use this opportunity to show them that you are capable of doing the job. Talk about relevant things, works you have done, and their results. Prove your worth to them.
  3. You believe in teamwork. A company would want to create good teamwork and produce results through teams. An interviewer would want to hear what work you have done with a team in the past and accomplishments the team have done. Explain to them briefly how a team works and what you can contribute in a team.
  4. You have the thirst to learn more. A company would want its employers to be able to adapt to changes and learn different methods. Tell them that you are open to changes, and is willing to learn more. Tell them that you have been reading books to widen your knowledge about your field and is constantly seeking for advices of seniors. But do not just tell them. Do it as well.
  5. You are motivated. The word motivated describes two things about you: 1) You have the desire to help the company, and 2) You are a productive worker. Explain to them how your motivation had helped you in the past and how it may help in the company.
  6. You are excited. Employers want optimistic employees. Your excitement shows your optimism.
  7. You have a plan. Remember the most important objective of an interview: you need to tell them what you can give for the company, not what you will benefit from them. Explain to your employers how you would do your roles well.
  8. You want to build a career in their company. Your employer would want to know that you have invested in the company and does not have any plans of moving on yet. This will keep them interested in hiring you.

via Career Attraction