8 Things to Look Out for in a Car Dealership

8 Things to Look Out for in a Car Dealership What Is a Coreless Motor?

8 Things to Look Out for in a Car Dealership | Buying a new car is an exhilarating process. Whether you’re treating yourself to a brand-new model or going for a classic, second-hand model, there are countless options available. In fact, there are so many different models in various sizes, shapes, and colors, that you might find yourself searching for a few weeks before you make a final decision.

Many people choose to buy through a car dealership such as waxahachie autoplex. Dealerships provide several benefits over private sellers. Generally, they offer a wider variety of cars, so if you’re not 100% sure of which model to go for, they can guide you through several options to help you come to a decision. They also offer options for finance and extended warranties, so there’s no need for a large upfront fee and you’re covered in case anything goes majorly wrong with your vehicle after you’ve bought it. Dealerships usually have a lot more information about the car’s history, which is important to be aware of before you commit to a purchase.

If you’re looking for a car dealership to find a second-hand vehicle that is perfect for you, here are eight of the most important things to look out for.


You will be spending a lot of money on your new car, so it’s important that you trust the dealer you’re buying from. Consider how professional the dealership is and determine how trustworthy they are.

So, how do you determine the professionalism of the car dealer? Firstly, think about the initial impression you got when you first made contact with them, whether this was over the phone, via email, or in person. Look out for the way the staff conducted themselves and consider the language they used, spoken or written. If you met the dealer in person, take note of the appearance of the building and the surrounding areas. All of these things will contribute to your first impression of the dealership and will help you determine whether or not they are professional.

Alongside this, make sure to check their website. How professional does it look? Does it look legitimate? Try and find testimonials or reviews from previous clients to learn more about them and determine how reliable they are.


As well as looking out for the professionalism of the car dealership, take note of how enthusiastic they are. You want to find someone who loves what they do and allows their passion for cars to shine through! An enthusiastic dealer is also more likely to know more about the trade and stay up to date with industry news. Of course, lack of enthusiasm doesn’t necessarily mean the dealer isn’t successful or reliable, but it’s always nice to be greeted with a smile when you go and view some potential vehicles.


When you’re considering which car dealership is best for you, consider their expertise. Find a dealer that knows what they’re talking about and can give you all of the necessary details about each vehicle to help you make an informed decision. How long have they been in business? How much do they know about the industry? Are they able to advise you of the most suitable models based on your needs? Can they reel off some important facts about each car as you go round the showroom?

Car Histories

The dealer should also know a little about the background of the cars they are selling. How old are the vehicles? What did the previous owners sell their cars to the dealership? Are there any known faults with any of the cars that are for sale? These are important details to find out and the car dealer should be fully transparent about all of their car’s histories.

Reasonable Prices

Nobody wants to pay more than they need to. If you find a great car dealership that is professional, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable, that’s not the end of the story. You also need to compare their prices to those of the surrounding dealerships. Are they similar? Or is this car dealership particularly expensive? Aim to find a dealer that offers great cars for reasonable prices. Saving as much money as you can with the initial purchase makes the process of buying a new vehicle much less stressful.

Finance Options

Most, but not all, dealerships offer the option to buy your new vehicle on finance. If you are certain that you want to get your car on finance, make sure you double-check that the dealer offers this on their vehicles. Usually, finance options require a small deposit (usually 10% of the vehicle’s total price), followed by regular monthly repayments. This removes the need for a large initial payment, so you can get your dream care even with a limited amount of savings.

Test Drives

Does the car dealership offer the option to take the vehicle on a test drive? It’s important to check how the car drives before you commit to any payment. You want to ensure the brakes work correctly, the heating system is efficient, the gearbox isn’t sticking…there are several things you need to check during your test drive. If you’re not very clued up on what to look out for, make a quick search online before you head to the showroom, or write yourself a list to take with you.

Payment Methods

Most of us choose not to carry large amounts of cash around with us. We all use our cards nowadays! Find a car dealership that accepts multiple forms of payment, such as cash, debit or credit card, check, or loans. If the dealer only accepts cash, be careful! You don’t want to buy from somewhere that is selling illegally. Card, check, and loans are much safer options.

Confirm the amount that the dealer requires for the down payment. Most of the time, around 10-20% of the total price of the vehicle is required as a deposit. You will then pay the remainder when you go and pick up the car.