8 Quick Health Tips from Successful Personalities


By: Ana Margarita Olar |Executive Chronicles| Keeping healthy and keeping with your daily duties and responsibilities may seem impossible. You can’t achieve one without neglecting the other. But take a look at these successful personalities and learn from their quick health tips:

Eva Chen-(former Lucky editor-in-chief) her quick health tip: “Ditch the TV in the morning and start your day with a calming green tea.”

Megan Irvin – (Australian model of wide range international brands) – she drinks activated charcoal mixed with water every morning before breakfast. Activated charcoal is very useful to detoxify the body.

Cameron Diaz– (actress and best-selling author) – Every morning, she drinks a liter of water, meditates for 20 minutes, eats an avocado or oatmeal for breakfast and then works out.

When meditating she asks herself: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I want to do today?”

Quick Health Tips

Annabella Barber– (model-turned-entrepreneur) – Her Quick health tip: any form of exercise may it be yoga, pilates, boxing, or brisk walking is a mind, body and soul workout.

Tom Derrick– (Australian football player, model, and presenter) – If you are fortunate like Derrick to have a house near the beach, surf or swim because according to him: “There’s something about the ocean that clears the mind.”

Jordan and Zac Stenmark (a member of the Australian football League turned model)- Jordan firmly believes in the power of breakfast.

His usual breakfast contains oat, Greek yogurt, almond milk, protein powder, diced green apple, and cinnamon and cacao powder.

His quick health tip: A full breakfast is important because its kick starts the metabolism, provides all the vitamins and minerals to give all the energy necessary for a full day’s work.

While Zac also believes in the superfood breakfast, his quick health tip also includes:  take time out to do the things you love as a part of a healthy routine. For him, the best thing would be swimming or surfing because it releases endorphins and gives a positive frame of mind.

Jennifer Aniston– (actress)- her daily morning routine includes spin-yoga combo, strength training, or any forms of work out such as the treadmill, or bike.

Her quick health tip: don’t bore your body when working out. Keeping your body confused is always the key.

Hey! It’s possible to have the best of both worlds. It’s possible to achieve success and maintain your health.

Put it the other way around, it is possible to have a well-toned sexy body and be successful at the same time. Take it from the experts.