8 Home Decor Tips to Enhance Your Sleeping Experience

8 Home Decor Tips to Enhance Your Sleeping Experience better-sleep

ExecutiveChronicles | 8 Home Decor Tips to Enhance Your Sleeping Experience | Due to the increasing advocacy and information available about quality sleep, there is an increasing awareness of putting importance on getting adequate hours of sleep every night. The advantages of practicing good sleep hygiene and the positive impact it can make on their daily lives are becoming more visible.

People begin to realize that they can achieve quality sleep if they’ll create a consistent bedtime schedule, eating healthy and sleep-friend meals, having a regular workout, and clearing their mind before bedtime. However, people should also put their attention on one aspect that leads to better sleep – their bedroom. People have spent a third of their lives sleeping inside their room. Hence, the significance of a sleep environment to get really good sleep is overlooked. It’s time to see how your room and some direct-to-consumer products decors have an impact on your sleeping experience.

Use the right mattress

If you’re constantly waking up with back pain, stiff neck or exhausted, maybe it’s time to change your mattress. While it’s designed to last up to 10 years, you may consider replacing your mattress if there are visible sags, lumps and rips.

Since you’re using your mattress for about 6 to 8 hours per day, you should spend some time thinking about which one you want to spend your money on. The same goes for you bed sheets, these protect your mattress and add to the comfort of your sleep, consider Linenly bamboo sheets to add to your new mattress. Although you may not feel the symptoms of a worn-out mattress straight away, it can bring harmful effects to your body in the future.

Whether you’re sleeping better in a firm mattress or in a somewhat bouncy bed, choosing a mattress with the right bed sizes is important for your sleeping needs. You may even choose a mattress that has an adjustable stiffness depending on your sleep position.

Add warm light to your list

A sleep-inducing bedroom should be dark or use soft lights at least to help you fall asleep quicker. Not known by many, lighting plays a large part in setting an ambiance in a sleep environment.

Using warm lights can promote coziness and enough light into your bedroom. The brightness coming from your bedside lamp should not bother your eyes and still able to help you read at night. Purchase dimmer switches to regulate and switch off the light in your room when it’s already bedtime.

Paint Your Room

You can influence the sleep quantity by the color of your bedroom. Blue, yellow and red can help you get the most sleep hours, with blue for an average of 7 hours and 52 minutes, yellow for 7 hours and 40 minutes, and red for 7 hours and 36 minutes. These colors are often linked to tranquility and relaxation which can put you at ease as you’re trying to sleep.

While on the other hand, there are colors such as brown, purple and gray can lessen the amount of sleep that you can get every night. For about an average of 6 hours and 12 minutes for gray, 6 hours and 5 minutes for brown, while 5 hours and 56 minutes for purple. Since purple is considered to be an artistic color, it can stimulate your brain to produce creative ideas. While brown and purple are linked to dullness and depression.

Remove the clutter

Your room isn’t your gaming area, gym, or music room. You have to clean up all the clutter to give your mind as sense of clarity and start associating your room with sleep. Position your musical instruments in another room, remove your treadmill, and above all, ditch your TV in the bedroom.

Note that your sleep at night can be affected by a chaotic bedroom. Even though you may not see it, you’re fully aware that clutter is there. Don’t put items under or around your bed and let your sleeping area breathe. If you have a lot of stuff in your bed, you’ll end up waking up in your casual area rugs in the morning. Learn to let go of the items that you don’t need and avoid distractions such as overflowing dressers and open closets.

Eliminate electronic devices

Electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops shouldn’t be in your bedroom. These devices are emitting blue light which can steal your sleep by entertaining you with engaging content. If you’re exposed to blue light, your body won’t produce melatonin – a hormone that encourages sleep – which makes it harder for you to sleep at night.

Moreover, remove all electronic devices from your bedroom to avoid any distractions. If there are no electronics in sight, you’ll have a sense of calmness when you go back to your adjustable bed frame. Remember that your bedroom should your sleep haven. Disconnect yourself from these devices and you’ll see the outcome.

Furthermore, the location and position of the alarm clock should also be adjusted.

Aside from the disturbing light from your phone, your alarm clock can also be a distraction if you keep on looking at it and worry about getting fewer hours of sleep.

The best answer to this is to set alarm clocks at the specified time, put it away from your bed and turn it upside down. This will keep you from worrying and prevent you from going back to bed as it forces you to get up and walk in the morning to press the snooze button.

Make your room darker

Since artificial light imitates natural light, it can prevent you from sleeping soundly at night. Thus, the best way that you can do to switch off all light sources such as lamps and nightlights before going to bed. To eliminate outdoor light during the day, put on some blackout blinds or heavy curtains on your windows.

If you can’t turn off your mobile phone during bedtime, you can just flip your phone over. In this way, your sleep won’t get disrupted when a push notification from an app comes in. 

Don’t forget the fragrance

According to a study, there are certain fragrances that make your room more sleep-inducing. Aromatherapy can produce a peaceful and soothing atmosphere which can help you fall asleep faster. If this will be a part of your bedtime routine, your brain can easily pick up the cue that it’s already bedtime. Lavender and vanilla are the finest aromas to use for bedroom.

Moreover, newly washed linen can make your sleep more satisfying and rejuvenating in your best latex mattress. At least every week, change your linen and add a relaxing fragrance when you wash them. The scent and cleanliness of your sheets will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Put on some white noise machine

One of the common culprits for sleep deprivation is noise. Noise can wake us up from our sleep, whether it comes from inside the room, down the hall, or across the road. In reality, the unpredictability of changes in the volume of noise can be the reason of disruption.

Try to sleep with a white noise machine if there are noises outside beyond your control. White noise machines generate calming, soft sounds that will drown out other noises and help you prepare for sleep.

There are people who can’t sleep without music on. If you’re one of them, you can set a timer so it would go off after you fall asleep. This will prevent you from waking up from inconsistent noise.

Keep in Mind

There are several factors that can affect and steal your quality sleep. Luckily, these sleep problems can be solved through having a sleep-inducing environment and a good sleep routine. While for some, optimizing their bedroom is enough to help have a better sleeping experience. If still can’t have adequate sleep after following these steps, you may consult your doctor if you have a sleep disorder.

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