8 Browser Extensions that Content Marketers Love to Use

Browser Extensions Content Marketers

Dennis Tullo, Executive Chronicles | Content marketers spend hours on the web defining sellable content and analyzing strategies.

To manage effectively therefore, they love using extensions and plugins. Not just these small softwares help them on speed, productivity and performance but their everyday work become easier and clutter-less.

We list 8 of the most popular plugins among seasoned professionals –

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is an auto grammar and spelling checker. An impressive editor- tool, it assimilates with the browser and underlines errors in the text being typed online in the browser. Simultaneously it also suggests correct grammar, spellings and ways to improve the typos.

Available : Chrome

  1. 2. Limestone

Packed with time- management tools and organizational aids, Limestone comes with options of beautiful customizable wallpapers, to- do lists and a feature of popping gmail notifications.

It also has motivational quotes to keep one going and a friendly personal greeting option.

Available: Chrome  

  1. Feedly

It is a cloud service which provides an access to the RSS streams across devices. Feedly is available for Chrome and is basically a news aggregator. It has a minimalist look and helps in saving the favorite feeds in one place.

Voluminous contents can be easily organized, making digital space tidy and accessible.

Available: Chrome

  1. OneTab

Great for people who open multiple tabs at once in a browser, OneTab organizes the recently closed tabs.

It converts all the tabs into a single list- like tab, to be restored all together or handpicked the desired ones later. Save memory and processing speed with this extension, without losing precious reference materials.

What’s great is that one can also send individually picked tabs to the OneTab list and add them- without having to open the URL.

Available: Chrome, Firefox

  1. 5. Klout

Klout calculates a content marketer’s influence on the major social media platforms and scores them between 1 and 100. It brings each individual’s real- time scoring metric on the Marketer’s Twitter feed.

One can also add areas of interest on the profile and come across top- scoring experts and content of related areas.

Available: Chrome, Safari, Firefox

  1. 5. Buffer

It supports Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google- Plus pages. This extension adds an icon on the browser bar through which one can share the page. On right clicking on the selected text or the image, Buffer allows one to post that particular content piece with the source link.

It is an amazing tool for social media management, allowing one to add few buttons on the social media feed to schedule re-sharing the posts of a user that the marketer follows.

Available: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera

  1. 6. Save to Pocket

Save huge amount of content information easily in a ‘pocket’, keeping it neatly organized. One can also save blog posts, videos and articles with a quick download. Create a personal tagging system with Save to Pocket and read the saved posts even when offline or after removing them.

Available: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari

  1. 7. MozBar

One should be aware that every web page created is analyzed under search engine optimization. It is easy to check SEO metrics and the authority of any web page with a MozBar.

It also helps to determine if it will be easy or not to rank a keyword. Marketers simply can’t do without this one.

Available: Chrome, Firefox

  1. 8. Boomerang

Manage content marketing projects by scheduling email messages to be sent at specific time.

Emails being received can also be postponed and timed according to convenience to ensure that the inbox doesn’t get cluttered and important communications dont get lost in the overflow.

Available: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge

Apart from the list above, there are other extensions too that are extremely handy but these are some of the more popular ones. Enjoy!