7 Smart Ways to Deal with People You don’t Like

Ana Margarita Olar| Executivechronicles.com

The only perfect thing in our life is its imperfection. Things, events, and especially people will not always be how they want them to be. Some people do things; say things and we just can’t understand why they are like that.

Here are some smart ways to deal with people you don’t like:

People You don't Like


One smart move on how to deal with people you don’t like is to accept that they are simply different. Our differences are what make us human beings. Our differences are what make us alive. You may not like other people’s idea but it’s them. Accept it. You have to face, talk and be with persons that you don’t like at some point in your life.


Why did you dislike the person in the first place? Did you have trouble with this person in the past? Well, when you can’t move away from this person, just be civil with them. Choose to do the right thing to people that you don’t like.

Being civil is behaving correctly even when you don’t like the person.


Another reason why you don’t like these people is that they may be “difficult people”. Bo Sanchez, author of How to Deal With Difficult People refer to them as “vampires”. They can suck all your energy and positivity if you let them. And according to Bro. Bo, if you can’t run away from them, just wear an “emotional helmet”. Don’t let yourself be affected.  You can be angry at some point but learn to forgive.


Another smart way to deal with these people is to deal with “you” first. You cannot change them. And most of the time, you cannot do something about them. But one thing is for sure. You can do something about yourself.

Every day, pray and have a self-reflection. Have you ever been a difficult person to anyone? Have you been an “emotional vampire” to anyone? In our daily endeavors, we may have been a vampire or a difficult person at some point.

Finally, we just have to deal with these persons. You are free to choose how. Are you going to deal with them in a desperate and stressful way, or in a smart and stress-free way?