7 Easy Ways to Succeed In Your Career

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Ozzias T. Villaver, Jr., Ed.D. | ExecutiveChronicles

Regardless of the career you choose, here are guidelines to increase your chances of success.

  1. Aim high.  Show that you are competent in your position.  Your performance will prove your ability and capability to be promoted.
  2. Keep a consistent file of your accomplishment. Have a regular or constant documentation of your success in the office work, for example, certificates of appreciation for a good job  performance; a memo of commendation from your boss; and a record of attendance/participation in various seminars, conferences, conventions, fora and  managerial training. This file of documents will help you when you decide to change your job to another company.
  3. Accept a management position as quickly as possible. This will enable you to manage your own people, get a better knowledge of your work and the responsibilities related to it and, gain  experiences how to handle effectively and efficiently your people.  By accepting the position allows you to look forward for a higher position and/ or larger group of people and unit in the company.
  4. Look for a reliable sponsor. A sponsor who will help you in your promotion and salary as well as “ensure that your career is not sidetracked.”
  5. Help your boss succeed. Help your boss to becoming better at things he or she likes.  By helping your boss to be promoted or move to another unit, you have the possible chance to take his/her position too.
  6. Opportunity first, before money. Some managers prefer money instead of promotion and opportunities. Others take money and opportunities. Research findings show that when confronted with decision-making, a manager decides authority (power) and then promotion (responsibility) and money (economic well-off).  Moreover, managers assume promotion since the increase of salary follows.
  7. Keep yourself mobile. It is normal that when you get your position, your promotion will not happen quickly. This advancement may take one or two or more years, unless the higher management looks for an immediate new manager in the department or unit.. But, keep doing your job performance well. Your boss and other individuals from the higher management know your work and they can decide to look after you because you have the abilities and capabilities the organization needs.