7 Camping Essentials You Need

7 Camping Essentials You Need A Brief Over of the Different Types of Campsites That Exist Today Camping

ExecutiveChronicles | 7 Camping Essentials You Need | Going camping requires a great deal of preparation. You want to stock up on all the essentials that you’ll need to stay safe, comfortable, and equipped for the outdoors. 

To help you plan accordingly, here are seven camping essentials you’ll need.

1. Portable Cooking Gear

Bring a portable coffee maker, a pocketknife, a small set of pots and pans, paper plates, utensils, plastic cups, matches, and a portable stove. If you really want to pack like a pro, you can even bring your cast iron skillet with you and cook your food over a campfire. 

Make sure you bring a bear canister to keep wildlife away. Your campsite might offer metal lockers if you want to store your leftovers there instead. It’s also a good idea to pack insulated food containers with you to store leftovers.  

2. Temperature-Appropriate Camping Clothes 

Pack clothes that will keep you warm during the night and comfortable during the day. If you know you’ll be hiking or fishing, bring clothing that has stretch to make exploring the outdoors more comfortable. 

For the night, get thermals or another kind of insulated fabric to keep your skin warm and protected against drops in temperature or heavy winds. Wearing wool socks to bed can also help keep your feet warm, which will heat the rest of your body. 

Always take a hat with you, preferably a beanie, to keep your head warm. Likewise, bring gloves, so your fingers stay warm as well. Keeping your extremities warm will ensure that the rest of your body doesn’t get too cold. 

3. Hiking Boots Or Waterproof Shoes 

Bring hiking boots or waterproof sneakers, and if you plan on lounging around your campsite, grab some sandals too. In case you plan on waking up early, bring a pair of sunglasses to keep your eyes protected. 

4. Basic Outerwear Layers

If you’re camping during the winter, bring a warm jacket with you to bundle up. A rain jacket or windbreaker will keep you dry during the rainy seasons. 

During the warmer months, a vest or light flannel will keep you comfortable and leave you with enough room to store pocketknives and flashlights. 

If it is noisy at night or the crickets keep you up, grab a pair of earplugs or other noise-canceling backpacking accessories to keep in your tent. 

5. Disposable Trash Bags

Make sure you bring eco-friendly trash bags to dispose of anything you don’t eat and keep a water jug with you. Campsites have different accommodations, and some don’t have drinking water available. 

6. Useful Camping Tools 

Other useful tools to bring might be a cutting board, a bottle opener, tinfoil, and a mess kit. You might also consider getting a cooler for adventurous days out if you want to store cold drinks or keep any fish you catch fresh. 

7. Shelter and Campsite Basics 

Be sure to bring sleeping bags, pillows, and any lighting, such as lanterns or flashlights. This allows you to light the area for when it gets dark since some campsites don’t provide lighting. Pack a good quality tent with you with strong stakes as well. 

You should also bring a sleeping pad to put under your sleeping bag. This way, you’ll be more comfortable and won’t be sleeping directly on the ground. You’ll also stay warmer this way. 

Take The Camping Essentials With You

Camping is meant to be a way to appreciate the outdoors and the simpler things in life. Nevertheless, it still involves an extensive packing list to capture that feeling. Take your time packing for your next camping trip and use the list above to help you get started!