6 Ways to Motivate the Unmotivated


By: Ana Margarita Olar| Executivechronicles.com

Months ago, your employees were motivated, but after a few months of work, they suddenly lose their spark.  As a leader, you need to re-ignite that spark once more:

Maintain constant communication with your employees.

Do not limit communication with “formal meetings” often times this is just a waste of time, builds up stress, and does not yield any results. Instead, take a time to have a regular “surprise” personal meeting with each of your employee.

Make the environment as comfortable as possible so that you can extract the exact information as what can motivate or de-motivate each of your staff. This is also your chance to clarify and remind them of job expectations and requirements and acknowledge their efforts to achieve the tasks.


Assign right tasks to the right staff.

This is one of the reasons for constant communication. When you know your employees well, you’ll have no sweat finding the right staff and assembling the right team for a project.

You don’t have to elaborate the details of the task and you don’t need to motivate them. Just find the right person with a spark of interest to the task and the result can be surprising and exceptional.

Encourage stress relievers.

If adhering strictly to the rules and policy de-motivates your employees, then perhaps a little deviation will encourage them to self-motivate.

Allow them to listen to music while they work, assign a 15-minute workout break in the morning or in mid-afternoon. Assign a daily task and allow them to take a nap if they finished the task ahead of time.

Encourage rest periods.

Although the usual work time is from 8 to 5, you can’t expect an average human being to be busy 8 hours straight. A machine needs a break so does a human body. So instead of having employees who are pretending to be busy from 8 to 5, try to assign a task to each staff or team on a weekly or daily basis, and let them rest or relax after they finished the task.

Organize a team building activity outside the workplace.

A company must not only invest on itself but also for the well-being of their employees. Invest in a team building activity that includes physical workout and mind challenge.

You can also invite a motivational speaker to help you as the manager and your employees as well.

Encourage training and seminars.

As your company is trying to keep up with constant demand of clients and the constant change in technology and media, you also need to update your employees. Sending them to seminars and training does not only motivate them but allows them to perform to their full potential.

Remember, you need to empower your employee and not to power play them. Empowerment brings motivation and a motivated employee is one important key to the company’s success.