6 Ways To Encourage Professional Development Innovation In Your Accounting Team

6 Ways To Encourage Professional Development Innovation In Your Accounting Team 3 Fields That Will Teach You More About Being Human A Global Analysis of Modern IT Skills Recruitment Consider Outsourcing Importance of HR Ethics
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ExecutiveChronicles | 6 Ways To Encourage Professional Development Innovation In Your Accounting Team | If you run an accounting firm, with team members under your supervision, investing and being interested in their growth is one sign you want the best for your team. It is also one quality of a good leader.

However, it is not unnatural that you might see reasons for your team members to improve their skills and broaden their experience, yet they don’t. There are ways you can encourage them to take up courses that will help them. There are a lot of accountancy professional development courses you can encourage them to enroll in.

 These courses are effective and will help them either skyrocket or advance their career in the accounting sphere. Since there are different aspects of accounting, you should (or they) know areas of interest and then decide on a course. Here are a few ideas:

1. Financial Reports

If the aspect of accounting that a team member wants to focus on is financial reports, there are such courses online. Simply use the keywords to search. 

2. Accounting Operations

This is another course idea to try out. If a member of your team is particularly interested in operations, this might be the course for them. 

3. Account Management

This is best for teammates who desire to advance their careers in accounting. An accounting management course might be what they need.

4. Financial Management/Advisor

This is another lucrative aspect of the accounting industry. And if that’s the case, having at least one team member who is a specialist in this area can bring you, and the firm at large, a lot more money. 

How To Encourage Professional Development Innovation In Your Accounting Team

As a team leader, when seeking to get your team members to take on courses that will benefit not just your firm but themselves as well, remember that the trick is neither to coerce nor force them.

If, after trying all you can to get them to take on new accounting development courses and they turn deaf ears to your words, you can try motivating them by following the simple tricks and hacks shared below.

1. Paint A Picture To Them 

All you need to do is help them envision the result of that singular action. Show them how they will be of more value not just to you and your organisation, but also to themselves.

Let them see how becoming more valuable is of benefit to them in that they would then have the potential to earn more.

2. Try Different Approaches

 You can employ different approaches to talk to them about it and get them to see what you mean, and how you mean it. However, just be careful enough to ensure you do not appear naggy. It would only seem suspicious then.

3. Be Up-to-date

You would need to be up-to-date about news and opportunities in the accounting industry. This helps you better sell your pitch on why improving their skill is a necessity.

4. Conduct Office Training

If it is within your capability, you can book a session with a personal or professional coach to talk to and train your team on the importance of self-improvement in the workplace.

5. Listen To Them

Rather than giving orders, have an open-ended conversation with them about it. After giving your suggestions on why they should take on professional development courses, take out time to listen to them. They may have one or two hindrances why they cannot commit to a learning program. 

6. Don’t Overwhelm Them 

As much as you can, try not to overwhelm them with so much at a go. Whether it’s in terms of the course load, or perhaps a payment plan for it. If they feel overwhelmed, they would be less likely to engage.