6 Ways New Homeowners Can Maintain Their Properties

6 Ways New Homeowners Can Maintain Their Properties renovate your home
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6 Ways New Homeowners Can Maintain Their Properties | Reduced mortgage interest rates and shifts in the real estate market have made homes more affordable to more people. According to experts, these factors will help millions of people become new homeowners. By some estimates, there will anywhere between 8 million and 9 million first-time homeowners within the next two years.

If you’ve recently bought your first house, you may not know how to properly take care and maintain your new resident. It can be very difficult to transition from renting an apartment to owning a whole house. Below are 6 home maintenance tips that every new homeowner should know if you want to keep it clean and comfortable.

  • Always Maintain Surroundings

Aside from being a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, lawns can also be a lot of hard work. Most people who’ve lived in apartments all their lives will have difficulty adjusting to having a garden and a lawn. For example, a lot of former apartment dwellers may not know how to take care of a weeping cherry tree or keep a hedgerow in check. If you have the time to learn how to garden, you should definitely do so. If you’re schedule is too cluttered, you can always entrust lawn & landscape maintenance to professional companies.

  • Select a Handyman

Unless you have the training and the expertise to do so, you will find it difficult to do complex maintenance around the home. You will need the assistance of an experienced handyman to go about your home and make these repairs for you. The ideal handyman is someone whose offices are quite close to your home and has a variety of skills. The perfect handyman is not just a carpenter, but also an electrician and a plumber and sometimes a mason. If you can find such a handyman in your vicinity, secure their services immediately.

  • Paint Smart

Pre-made homes can come in different colors and you may not like the colors you’re stuck with. If you don’t want to have to move out of your home or get overwhelmed by noxious paint fumes, you should have it repainted well before you move in. This will ensure the painters have a lot more room to move around and you won’t have to be uncomfortable. The same goes for every other time you repaint large sections of your house. Ensure you schedule it to when you don’t have to be around the house for a long time like when you’re on vacation.

  • Always Change the Locks

One thing new homeowners sometimes forget to do is change your locks regularly, especially when you’ve just moved in. If you’ve just bought someone else’s home, you have no idea how many people have gotten copies of their house locks. Babysitters, delivery men, neighbors, they can all have copies of your new home’s keys. Change the locks, especially the external locks, immediately. However, you should also make scheduled changes to your locks. Every four years is a great schedule as that means you won’t have to spend a lot of money every so often but you can rest easy knowing your locks are still secure.

  • Keep an Emergency Fund

You’ll never know when some sort of accident or event can damage your home. Rain may leak through your roof, a strong wind can knock down a tree branch or a small fire can ruin your cabinets. All of these events will cost money to repair. Unless you have ample savings, you will find it difficult to begin, much less complete, your repairs. Always keep a few hundred dollars stashed away exclusively for home repair situations. This will ensure you don’t have to wait for long before you can resume your normal life.

  • Look for Affordable Improvements

As a homeowner, you shouldn’t just look to maintain your house. If you want your property value to remain the same and avoid devaluating over the next few years, you should also take the time to install improvements. Home improvement projects ensure that your home stays appealing and marketable, just in case you ever want to put it on the market. The sooner you add improvements, the better, as that means you can recoup the cost of installing them quicker. Keep an ear out for the latest trends on home improvement and figure out if you can emulate them on your property.

Homeowners have a responsibility not just to yourself but also to your community to keep your property well maintained. These tips will help keep you comfortable and your home in great working order.