6 Ways to Maintain Focus While Working At Home


Ann Gabriel | ExecutiveChronicles

There are times that my dad works from home, considering that his work mainly focuses on IT stuff. It could be wonderful, but at the same time stressful too.

Some benefits of working from home would be, avoiding bumper to bumper traffic, crowded buses, and noisy co-workers, and most of all, you are in a comfort zone.

However, working from home can have a lot of distractions too.

There might be responsibilities that you have at home that will take away a lot of your working hours, and most of all your focus on work, which what would really matter, when you are in the office.

Working from home, could be a pain, if your dog barks, neighbors are noisy and some other stuff that your wife or kids will need help on. Too often, these distractions wind up greatly impacting productivity.

Here are some tips that will help you maintain focus while working at home.

Identify your work from home space

This special space at home should be free from any distraction. It could be a separate room, or a dedicated area in the bedroom, when most of the people in the house are downstairs, in the kitchen, living room or simply outside of the room.

Another way to do it is to work in  coffee shop or any other place that is conducive for work. Working in areas where you could comfortable schedule meetings with client would be most beneficial.

Equip yourself with all working needs

Strong wireless internet connection, a sturdy table and a comfortable ergonomically designed working chair, and within reach pen, paper and calculators whenever there is a need to grab one.

Be within talking or chatting reach

The most important thing when working from home is ensuring that you have a mobile phone, a telephone or any other means of communication when your staff or colleagues need to ask you a question or two.

Collaboration and communication is key. There has to be a consistent flow of communication regarding progress, ideas, insights and what you’re thinking.

Stick to working hours
Make sure that you don’t spend less or more time than the regular working hours. Both family and professional time are important.

Don’t forget physical activity

Staying seated for 8 to 9 hours is bad for your health. Make sure that you get the right exercise. Set a timer for stretching your legs and walking around. Bad postures will lead to a bad back.

Working from home doesn’t need to literally mean “from home,” either. Getting face time with clients at a coffee shop, working in a Wi-Fi-capable location or changing scenery are ways to remain productive while moving around.

Never work 24/7

Work time is work time, and personal time is personal time. Draw the line. It is important that you keep yourhome office door closed, getting rid of the temptation to regularly check your emails, and provide some quality time with your family.

Set office hours and stick with it.

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