6 Ways To Adjust With Your First Job

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Mitzi Ilagan | ExecutiveChronicles.com

You would surely feel butterflies inside your stomach as you enter the real world after graduation. It’s an exciting but jittery feeling, how it is like to work around new people, and then getting paid for something you’ve worked hard for. The transition may feel rough, but here are six steps to make things fall into place.

Make a research about the company
Google always come in handy, so might as well do a little study on the vision and mission, goals, rules, environment, and even your responsibilities as a newly-hired employee. Show your boss and co-employees that you are interested with the company. You may not know everything yet but at least, you know something about it.

Arrive earlier than most of the employees
When you do, you’ll get the chance to observe the surroundings, what they do when they arrive, or what things are needed to be done first thing in the morning.

Never be afraid or shy to ask questions
Asking questions does not mean that you are clueless or not knowledgeable enough. It’s always safe to ask than to make mistakes, especially on the first few months of your job. Everyone would surely understand that you are a newbie, so might as well show that you really are eager to learn.

Get to know the people around you
You don’t need to be reminded of this because you unconsciously do this as you ask for information around the workplace. Introduce yourself and ask them in return, especially about how things work in the office. Build rapport with your workmates and even with the clients or other people involved.

Personalize your work space
It will serve as your second home where you’ll work everyday, so be sure to keep things in your desk which are functional. Arrange it depending on your liking, but be sure to occupy only the space allotted for you and remember to keep things tidy and in order always.

In your first few days, it will surely seem awkward because you are new but as days pass, you will surely get to know how you could blend in. It is acceptable that you may not be too busy yet because your boss may be allowing you to adjust first. In that case, take that chance to observe how people work, what time they leave, where they eat, where they get leave of absence forms, how they communicate orders or reminders, who they talk to when asking for office supplies, and the like.

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