6 Water Features That Will Enliven Your Hospitality Establishment

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Running a hotel, hostel, or motel in the hospitality business can be challenging. You don’t only have to attend to all the needs of your guests, you also have to make sure that your amenities and facilities are up to scratch and live up to—or even surpass—your declared standards.

One important area that you need to constantly maintain or improve on is the architectural and interior design of your property. This is because design has a direct impact on customers’ impression of a business. If your place looks like a dump or it looks aged and worn out, people will tend to think that you don’t really care about their comfort and that you don’t invest enough resources into ensuring that they will have a pleasant experience in your establishment.

Now, one way to improve the design of your hotel is by incorporating a beautiful water feature in some of the most prominent areas of your business premises. Water features are among the most popular elements of landscaping and interior design, and with the wow factor and enjoyment they bring into any space, it’s not hard to understand why. In this article, we present you 6 different water features that you can incorporate in your hospitality establishment.

Garden Fountain

An outdoor fountain can easily make any yard or garden immediately more pleasant. Garden fountains are also very versatile because they are available in a wide variety of styles. No matter if your establishment possesses a Victorian, minimalist, rustic, Bohemian, Mediterranean, contemporary, French country, Nordic or any other style, there’s an outdoor fountain that will match it perfectly. You can choose from a wide variety of fountains, including tiered fountains, bamboo fountains, fountains with sculptures, sphere fountains, and many others.

Fish Pond

Installing a fish pond is another great way to make a property more appealing to your guests, especially among families who have small kids with them. Furthermore, there are many types of fish that you can introduce to your pond, and these include koi carps, fathead minnows, golden orfes, black moors, and goldfish (e.g. calicos and orandas). Just make sure that your pond is properly aerated so that it will always be a healthy environment for your fish to live in.

Artificial Stream

If your hospitality property features a spacious yard or gardens, an artificial stream can be the highlight of your landscaping. A bubbling stream of water is sure to be quite a visual delight for your hotel, and you can even surround it with boulders, vegetation, and a small bridge to make it even more charming.

Reflecting Pool

What better way to highlight that your hospitality establishment is a haven of rest and tranquility than by having a serene reflecting pool to welcome your guests? In contrast to water fountains and artificial streams, reflecting pools are still and designed to inspire meditation instead of highlighting movement and flow. They can be great additions to the front of your property as they make your building look more grand and expansive.