6 Tips for Refining your Personal Brand Marketing Strategy

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6 Tips for Refining your Personal Brand Marketing Strategy | Regardless of the industry you may be working in, personal branding and reaching the intended audience can be a very tricky business. In some cases, even when you do everything by the book, the results may be lacking.

Some critics may say that’s precisely because everything was done “by the numbers.”

The purpose of personal branding is to let your unique personality or business approach shine true. Not using these assets to add a touch of personality to your personal brand is counterintuitive, to say the least.

But, how can you add that necessary personality to your marketing strategy and give your personal brand some much-needed flavor? That’s exactly what we are going to discuss below.

Understand that you are doing personal branding

This simple step can easily make your break your future marketing efforts. When performing personal branding, a significant number of professionals are putting too much focus on their professional skillset and activities. Personal branding is all about letting your unique voice shine through and using it to draw in the people who are not always your go-to clients. It’s what big corporate sharks like Elon Musk and Richard Branson like to do. The popularity of Tesla, SpaceX, and Virgin are, to a large extent, built on the charisma and relentless media activity of these two entrepreneurs. So much so they are inseparable.

Find your core brand story

Of course, simply marketing your personality is not enough for efficient personal branding. Trying to put as much of you as possible out there can even dilute your brand. That is why you should find some core story you want to put out there and use as a framework for your future efforts. So, what are the traits you want to be known for? What drives you, and in what areas you excel? How your interests make your approach unique? Try breaking down these high concepts into simple keywords you can later use as building blocks for marketing strategies – similar to how you use the mission statement to market businesses.

Overhaul your personal website

Now that you have these two basic concepts covered, you can move on to more practical techniques. That being said, we should point out that in the corporate world, a professional website makes both starting and endpoint for all branding efforts. So, start by creating a catchy and easy-to-find domain name that will emulate keywords you came up with earlier. Play with words or use some of those .me domain names to create something truly unique and creative. The second thing to do is to allow the visual design to tell your story. Energetic and high-end people need to have vibrant and high-end websites.

Start your personal blog

To put it simply, blogging is, by far, the most efficient way of letting your unique voice reach the masses. Of course, blogging in itself is a powerful marketing tool. According to recent stats, 57% of marketers say they have gained customers specifically through blogging, while 53% of them cite blogging as their top content marketing priority. So, you are essentially getting twofold benefits. To obtain such strong results, however, your content needs to be timely, relevant, personalized, and well-written. Also, keep in mind that you can drastically expand your audience by getting in touch with other similar professionals and start guest blogging.

Develop content strategy

Blogging may be the most efficient way of using creative content to market your personal brand to future clients, but it is not the only one. Content marketing saw quite an expansion with various fresh assets like podcasts, online courses, videos, infographics, and so on. What you should do to realize the full potential of these tools is to assess which of them give themselves to your specific personality and profession. For instance, graphic designers can’t leverage podcasts to the fullest extent. Also, it would help if you chose the content type suitable for the social media channels you will use to share them on.

Carefully select your social media platforms

That brings us to our final point. All relevant social media platforms we see around these days have their inherent traits and a built-in audience that may or may not positively react to your specific personal characteristics and marketing strategies. Choosing one over another can drastically affect the results of your campaign. For example, while Facebook offers excellent opportunities for building relationships and brand loyalty amongst the younger population, Twitter has a much better reach amongst ages 30-49 which makes it the perfect platform for public relations and sharing posts and articles. Successful personal branding is built on nuances like these.

We hope these few tips gave you some general idea of how you can add more flavor to your branding efforts and refine your marketing strategies. Personal branding is all about letting your personality shine through your skillset. To make this possible, you need to put numerous cogs in place and make them spin together. Setting up such a well-oiled machine is admittedly demanding but not you at least know where to start.

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