6 Things You Should ALWAYS Bring to Keep You Productive even on a Business Travel

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By Ana Margarita Olar | Executivechronicles

For many executives, business travels can drain energy, and can be very stressful. But there are ways to turn your flight into a productive one. So here are the things that you should bring to help you make your business travel a productive and successful one:

Smartphones with business apps

You can always access your files and check them while waiting at the airport. Many business people are not gadgets savvy and don’t know how to use them. Learn and master how to use productivity tools in your gadgets. Discover the apps and software which you can use to keep you on track.

Bring your Business Card

Grab the chance to increase your network during travel time. Travelling offers many opportunities to meet other people if you’re ready to take advantage of them. Always bring a business card so that when you meet someone, you can use the opportunity to build your professional network.

Workout Clothes

Release your stress after business meetings by keeping your body active. Working out will help your body cope with jetlag and stress. Make sure you are prepared by bringing workout clothes with you. You should also choose healthy foods. Don’t overdo eating even if the foods may look appetizing. Stressful work can make you feel emotional and eat more than you should. Skip one snack and visit the nearest gym near you instead.

Rubber shoes or comfy slippers

Many major business trips locked you in hotel conference or client’s hotel. This scenario will surely drain your energy. Make sure that you will enjoy the trip by going outside. Wear your rubber shoes and walk around. If you have more time, enjoy window shopping too. Do this often and you can surely make a tremendous difference in your productivity.


You will never know who will visit your business meetings. It might be your favorite author or a childhood friend. You will never know what beautiful places and things you will encounter. Make sure that your camera is ready to capture them. Save these pictures that you can share with your company’s business meetings. Inspire them with what your camera can express for you.

Bring your favorite books on business trips.

Books and eBooks

Carry books or eBooks that you’ve wanted to read. Use your waiting time or flight to keep your mind sharp. Learn something new; develop new interests and experience personal development by reading books. Business trips can be something to look forward to. . Just enjoy, have fun, and don’t spoil it.