6 Things Work from Home People will not Tell you

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By Ana Margarita Olar | Executivechronicles.com

  1. A sick day and a work day are the same thing. Work from home people can’t take a leave when they are sick. No boss to tell about being not feeling well because they are already home. But since their work is at their home, there is no excuse for deadlines and tasks to be done on time, even if you’re on the verge of flu or stomach ache.
  1. Their family thinks they have no real work and so constantly bugging them. While other folks are envious of work from home people because they seem to have it all figured out, well that’s not always true. The family and relatives of work from home people rarely appreciates their job. They think that just because people who work from home just always stares at their laptop and doing nothing but type and browse, they are not tired and they don’t need to rest because they are already resting. What the family doesn’t realize that working from home sometimes is more tiring than being a regular employee because at times you have to work overtime and you are always at the risk of having a brain burn out.
  1. They can be an employer and hire an employee. Yes! There’s such thing as a virtual assistant where one can be hired to assist work from home people if their work gets fully loaded. There’s also a job called ghost writer where they hire someone to do an article for them.work from home 1
  1. The most decent office clothes they wear are pajamas. Because they work from home, they do not need to change in office clothes and some other neglect taking a bath which regular employees usually do first thing in the morning.
  1. Just like you, they don’t have a decent lunch either. You might think that work from home people have the luxury of enjoying sumptuous dishes. It may be true but sometimes not often. The most decent lunch they can have is from the fridge. There are no canteens to order a food and sometimes they are too busy to prepare their own meals if they are overloaded with projects and tasks.
  1. They are the team. Working at the comfort of your own home sounds very enticing. There’s that happy thought of working in solitude and finishing the task because no one will bother you. But what we fail to see is that when you decide to work from home, you are the only team mate you have. The success or failure of your project depends solely on you. It can get lonely even if you are a part of a virtual team.