6 Things To Do Before Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

6 Things To Do Before Yoga Teacher Training | by Rover Jones | Yoga training is an essential part of becoming a yoga teacher. However, you should have a grasp on the do’s and don’ts of yoga so that your training is rewarding rather than topsy-turvy. To become an excellent yoga teacher, you must have a good understanding of yoga so that your students can absorb the techniques easily.

And what better place than Costa Rica to do it. Known as the white water capital of the world, Costa Rica has exuberant and rushing rivers and unmatched biodiversity. So, before you start your yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, here are a few things that you have to do before:

Practice Eating Healthy

Yoga teachers should know that eating healthy is for looking good, staying fit, and emotional well-being. Yoga requires concentration and a fit body helps in this regard. Also, many times in teaching, we must stand still for long hours, which places stress on the legs and feet if they are used to eating junk food and consuming alcohol regularly. 

It takes about three months to correct diet habits. It is a very important step for living the yoga lifestyle.

Start Learning Yoga

This is probably the first thing that comes to mind when someone hears yoga teacher training. You need to start learning yoga. It is important to learn yoga poses, basic practices, and philosophy before entering a retreat for your teacher training. The purpose of a retreat or course is to train you in teaching. 

No one learns how to drive while they are being taught how to assemble an engine. Learning the basics will provide knowledge and confidence during practice sessions as other students may be more comfortable with certain poses while you might still be struggling with them.

Go on a Detox Diet

The idea behind detox dieting is to make body organs free from all harmful products and give them time for cleansing through a natural process. Before detoxing, it is necessary to drink plenty of water and eat as much healthy as possible. You will need at least one week before starting the program, so avoid all junk foods and sodas.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast and Lunch

It is not good to skip breakfast or lunch because they are essential for our health. If money is low and eating at a restaurant is impossible, then make sure to prepare yourself a healthy breakfast and lunch. 

Some ideas include mixing fruits, eggs, juice in a blender to create delicious smoothies that not only fill your stomach but keep you nourished throughout the day while providing some extra energy as well. Another solution includes packing your lunch with whole grains from the local grocery store and fresh vegetables from the farmer’s market.

Know Some Asanas Or Poses

It would be really good if you already know some asanas before starting the training period. It will help you learn and practice new poses during the course, making your practice more interesting and effective.

Also, one thing that may be worrying you is the cost of yoga teacher training. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune. There are different ways to make it affordable for yourself. Worrying about money will only make you lose your focus, so don’t do it.

Make A Schedule For Yourself

Plan out your days intelligently so that there is no time left for pursuing any unhealthy activities or habits. Yoga teacher training is about learning new things and bringing positive changes in life by improving body health and mental peace through meditation sessions with experts.

You need to pack for yourself all items that are necessary for yoga teacher training. It’s not easy to live without your personal belongings so take care of them before leaving them behind. You also need a handbag to carry any extra items that can’t fit in your suitcase or backpack. Make sure you do not forget anything because these things will help make your stay comfortable. Before packing, check if there are no documents or something important left at home.

In conclusion, you need to be mentally prepared for yoga teacher training. If you are not mentally prepared, you may have to face lots of difficulties. The mind is the foundation, and it reflects on physical health. Yoga teacher training may be hard in the beginning, but you can get through it with persistence and confidence.