6 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Simplify Hiring Process

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6 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Simplify Hiring Process | Hiring the right candidate to fill a role without your organisation doesn’t have to be a complicated process. If you set out some simple guidelines to follow, you can make the experience more enjoyable for yourself and the people you interview.

The vital thing is to be clear on all aspects of the job. What type of qualifications do you require? How quickly do you need the position filled? Taking some time before you begin the process to decide on the answers to the important questions will save you stress and worry later on.

Expand Prospective Talent Pool

You will reach a lot more qualified people if you use all the tools at your disposal. Post the job internally to get your current employees interested in upward movement within the company. Go online to find reputable job boards to advertise your open position. It’s also a great idea to get help when filling a very specific role. Specialised services such as an accountant focused recruiter can put you in touch with promising future employees. 

Know What You Want in a Candidate

If you post a vague job description, you will likely get many unsuitable candidates that apply for the role hoping they cut. Eliminate many applications that don’t fit your vacancy by being as clear as possible on the attributes the candidate needs.

List education and certification requirements, as well as desired experience. Have a firm picture in mind of the skills that you are looking for. 

Make the Role Attractive

You can attract highly qualified individuals to your company when the job you offer is attractive. Consider the salary that you are willing to pay and the benefits that the job comes with. If the job only comes with a lackluster paycheck and no incentives, the candidates you attract will also be lacking.

Your company must be willing to give compensation that reflects the role you are looking to fill. You can make your jobs even more tempting by going above and beyond to include rare incentives and opportunities for flexibility and potential upward growth within your organisation. 

Offer an Easy Application Process

Applying for a job should be a straightforward process. Keep in mind that the people you are advertising to are likely searching for employment through several sources and may be deterred by a complex or confusing application. 

Having a web-based application is best for a simple process for everyone involved. Interested job-seekers can apply online and upload additional documentation and materials. This will make it easier for you to keep track of all the applications and sort through them. 

Test Candidate Skills

A potential hire may seem like a good fit on paper, but can they do the job? After an initial interview, it could benefit you both to ask for a work sample or have the candidate complete a skills test of some sort. This will weed out any weak individuals before they, or you, invest too much time and money in the onboarding and training process. 

Communicate Clearly

You should provide clear communication throughout the entire application process. Send a confirmation email upon the receipt of each application and notify all individuals of their standing, whether they are moving forward or are no longer being considered. Let everyone know how soon they can expect to hear from you, so everyone is well informed. 

Having a hiring structure in place is the best thing you can do to eliminate the headache of sifting through mountains of applicants. Designate various tasks and stay firm on the big points to find the best possible candidate with the least amount of time and anxiety.

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