6 Signs that you’re experiencing a Career Crisis

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By : Ana Margarita Olar| Executivechronicles.com

Did you ever notice that after long years of being in your career, it seems that you are unhappy? Do you feel tired, wearisome and miserable in your job which you had been for the last 10 or 15 years? Well, you must be experiencing a career crisis. Here are some signs that you must be aware of:

  1. You are always feeling tired.

The feeling of tiredness after a day’s work especially if you are trying to beat a deadline is normal. But the constant lack of energy even after resting for a while may be a sign of something more serious. It is called emotional exhaustion. This is one important physical sign that tells you are in the midst of a career crisis.career crisis

  1. The word change stresses you out like crazy or you are apathetic to change.

A change in the company’s strategy or policy would automatically stir a feeling of enthusiasm on the employees. But if change or progress put you in a panic mode or, the other way around which means you don’t care if there’s been a change, is another sign that you are in a career crisis.

  1. You became stagnant.

An employee should be updated with continuing professional education, training, and seminars so that they could cope up with the changes and contribute to company’s progress. The fact that after spending 15 or more years in the company yet the level of your learning and skills is similar to that of the fresh college graduate is a sign of stagnation and career crisis.

  1. You are not enjoying the company of your co-workers.

An employee should know how to balance work and socialization. Bonding with your co-workers enhances healthy competition and teamwork which is an essential factor to keep the company running smoothly. If you find that spending time with your co-workers is just a waste of time, then it must be a sign that you are overly stressed with your career.

  1. You became very grumpy and sarcastic than what you used to be.

Under normal circumstances, you can control your reactions even when you are stressed or angry and your professional goal is always geared towards the company’s success. But once you experience career burn out, it becomes very easy to lose your temper and throw tantrums in anybody. You lose interest in the company and blame it for lack of progression.

  1. A normally easy task becomes a struggle.

Years ago, making a report, proposing a new project, dealing with stress within the company is easy as pie. But suddenly, you noticed that you’re struggling to find the correct grammar for your report, it is very hard to understand the Excel, or you can’t think of a new idea for a company project. Struggling over a job that was once easy for you to accomplish is also another sign of career crisis.

If you are experiencing these signs, find yourself a trusted person or an expert to talk about it. Even if you think that you don’t need help, the fact that you’re experiencing these signs of career crisis means that you do need a trusted, helping hand.