6 Reasons Why You Need Lanyards in Your Workplace


Custom woven lanyards are a common sight in many places: schools, sporting events, concerts, and even corporate events. At the workplace, they are an inescapable part of the office attire, and some places even require people to wear them at all times. If you’re wondering why schools, workplaces, and event venues are still very much into the lanyard trend, here are a few good reasons why:

  1. Identification. Every person needs to come into an office with their ID on them, regardless if they are staff members, employees, CEOs, or even visitors. Lanyards are used to display one’s ID at all times, which aids easy access and identification.
  2. Security. Security is taken seriously in any workplace, as any disruption can slow down processes and affect the output of the machinery or distract the employees in the area. If a workplace is extremely sensitive, such as power plants or government facilities, having custom lanyards holding identification on full display at all times is not only crucial, but critical. Lanyards also allow for easy customization, so departments and levels of access can easily be identified by differently colored lanyards.
  3. Awareness. People are very open and vocal about the causes and advocacies they support, and what better way to push awareness than to display them on lanyards? Custom lanyards can be imprinted with ribbons that show your support for specific causes such as breast cancer awareness or environmental protection.
  4. Convenience. Lanyards were borne of convenience. They were first used in the 1500s by pirates and sailors to keep weapons on hand as they fought or went about their daily duties aboard their ships. Nowadays, you can not only put your ID on your office lanyard, but also small things you need but tend to lose easily. These could be keys, other cards, your phone, your glasses, some pens, and even little notes. Lanyards allow you to have an extra ‘pocket’ that you can use to keep important personal items on hand. You would no longer have to dig through your desk drawers for your keys or ask your coworkers for spare pens.
  5. Interaction. For larger companies, having lanyards to display IDs is useful for employee and customer interaction. Employees will have an easier time interacting with each other since their names are on display on their IDs, and customers will be more at ease knowing the names of your employees just by taking a quick look at their lanyards.
  6. Self-Expression. Individuality is a cherished quality, but there’s little room for that in offices where there are strict uniforms or dress codes in place. Lanyards are widely available in a vast variety of styles and can even be customized to reach a happy compromise between an individual’s personal style and a company’s dressing standards. Lace or beaded lanyards are available for those who want their playful and sparkly personalities to shine through, while faux leather lanyards are perfect if you want something sophisticated yet rugged. You can even attach pins and stickers for an extra customized flair.

Having come from swashbuckling origins, the simple and humble lanyard has retained its fighting spirit and refuse to die out as trends come and go. Their efficient functionality and potential for customization have made them a mainstay in people’s lives everywhere: at school, at work, at events, and more. By including lanyards in your daily getup, you’re making sure that you’re taking all your essentials with you wherever you go, without needing an extra hand or extra pockets to do so. Using a lanyard may be a small change to your lifestyle, but it can make your daily life much more convenient and colorful.