6 Leadership Styles Managers can Use

By: Ana Margarita Olar | Executivechronicles.com

Through the ages, there are many leadership styles that emerged. A manager should not stick to a single leadership style. Instead, the manager should adopt different leadership styles according to what the situations call for:



The challenger leadership style doesn’t rely on their expertise alone. They think outside of what they already know. They always challenge the status quo and think of ways to foster creativity.

This is useful when you have a team of thinker. A team that doesn’t resist change, they embrace it. It is useful when you have a team who hates regular routines. A manager with this style always thinks: what if there are other ways of achieving this?


The manager relies on their expertise to handle the problems. They come up with a brilliant solution to every problem that arises.

You can use this type of leadership when you have the skill and knowledge of the present condition or situation. You can offer support and help to your team in solving a current situation.


A manager becomes a mentor to help the employees realize their potential. This leadership style is needed to increase an individual’s self-worth. As a manager, you are harnessing the employee’s capability beyond their expectation. And this will also benefit the entire organization as well.


This management style is very useful for day to day activities. This type of leadership makes sure that everyone is checked and contributing their efforts to the organization. They ensure that every department is working with each other, with efficiency and harmony.


This type of leadership is concerned with the outcome and quality. Like the developer, they also motivate the employees to give their best in everything they do.

Also, they set challenging goals to test the capacity of their employees. This is their means of presenting a challenge, instilling discipline, and develops accountability among their co- workers.


When there are times that you need to be resilient and strong, you can apply this leadership style.

Just like the rock, there are conditions which you need to be patient but strong. There are situations where you need to stay put and be firm. There are problems which you can do nothing but to remain strong and positive for your employees.

As the manager, you should know how to apply these different leadership styles. Different situations call for a different approach. You should be able to know when to apply certain style for each problem or situation.