6 Important Small Business Security Tips

Important Small Business Security Tips

6 Important Small Business Security Tips |  Employee theft costs businesses $50 billion annually. While it’s a real threat to a business, owners make the mistake of only focusing on this one small business security threat. Today’s businesses face both physical and digital threats, and business owners need to address both when creating a security plan. 

These five security tips will help you protect your business.  

  1. Digital Protection 

The first step in securing a business is creating digital security. Use encryption for everything, establish firewalls, use anti-virus software, maintain strong passwords, and avoid freeware. These measures create a protective bubble around your digital business while also monitoring for anything that slips by. 

  1. Use Surveillance Cameras

If your business has a physical location, then you also need a security system. Look for a system that includes cameras and an alarm system. This will protect your physical location from vandalism and theft. 

The website https://mobilevideoguard.com/nvr-vs-dvr/ can help you get started. Their job site security systems are simple to set up, have a clear pricing structure, and come with several nice features. 

  1. Confirm Third-Party Security 

Protecting a business is a community effort. Look at the security measures put into place by the businesses you work with. If this outside business presents a weak point, then this is a risk to your business. 

This could be through digital measures if your system is integrated with theirs. It could also be through physical means, such as leaving doors unlocked or not having a security system. 

  1. Train Your Employees

Security for businesses is about more than just the tools the owner puts into place. It takes everyone working together to ensure security is maintained. Each employee should go through training to understand the security risks the business faces and the procedures in place to avoid them. 

This training should be an ongoing thing. Unfortunately, people tend to slack off as time goes on. This creates a problem as security threats become real problems when people let their guard down. 

  1. Backup Everything 

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you experience a breach. Having everything backed up means you have all of your important documents duplicated in a second location. Never store anything you can’t afford to lose in one location or on one device. 

The best solution is for real-time backing up. This ensures you can pick up and keep operating should something happen to your first set of documents and data. 

  1. Don’t Mix Personal and Business 

Do not use the same technology and devices for your personal life as your business. Do not use the same passwords and security information for your personal accounts and your business accounts. 

Improve Your Small Business Security

Following these five tips will help you improve your small business security. Look at it as a multi-faceted plan with physical and digital security efforts. Confirm that the companies you work with also take their security seriously and keep your personal life separate from your business. 

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