6 Hacks to Train First Time Managers


By: Ana Margarita Olar| Executivechronicles.com

According to leadership expert Eric Basu, there are three core areas to enhance managerial skills. These are personal skills, team-focused skills, and corporate skills.

Here’s how to incorporate these skills for first-time managers:

No. 1 Do not just give them the list of what to learn.

Train your managers to seek for knowledge. Create a culture of learning and sharing what they have learned. Even if what they learn is not directly about their job, it doesn’t matter. Let them cultivate the habit of continuous learning.

No. 2 Give managers real life training.

Offering your managers training for specified field is the most commonly used and the easiest method. But this method has its shortcomings because, over time, it will leave you with managers who perfectly master a specific task but have a limited idea beyond what their job requires.

train managers

No. 3 Train your managers how to prioritize.

Assist your employees in discerning the tasks that must be accomplished immediately over the tasks that can wait a little later. This is very important because as a manager, they are responsible for assigning the tasks every day so they need to know which tasks are more important than the other.

No. 4 Train your manager how to delegate.

For first time managers, let them start with delegating time for them by teaching them to break down their task into manageable ones to make them more productive. Then little by little, teach them how to delegate certain tasks to their subordinates.

No. 5 Train your manager about goal setting.

These goals may be small or big, but no matter what, first-time managers must learn how to set and achieve them. You can start by giving some goal examples and then eventually let them set their own goals. You can evaluate weekly, or monthly on their achievements and what are they doing to meet those goals.

No. 5 Gear the managers’ attitude towards employee value.

Many employees have this mindset that their only responsibility with the company is to go to the office, finish the job they were assigned and go home. Much of the time they were left out when it comes to a much bigger picture. If you are training your employees to become managers, this mindset must be changed drastically. Tell them that what they plan, think, act and achieve plays a vital role in the company’s failure or success.

These are the basic things that first-time managers should learn if you want them to become better leaders so that they will be ready to face the challenges of being a manager.