6 Excellent Marketing Ideas to Beat Your Competition

Excellent Marketing Ideas

6 Excellent Marketing Ideas to Beat Your Competition | We reside in a highly competitive world where everyone is aiming to be better than the rest. Sometimes, business competition can be healthy. It encourages companies to boost productivity and raise efficiency. However, the topic is debatable. Some argue aggressive competition is detrimental since it can shrink a business’s market share and decrease sales return.

Whatever the case is, what’s important to remember is that competition will always persist. And if there is one thing you can do to beat your competitors, it’s excellent marketing tactics. Remember, your clients/customers buying decisions depend on how well-marketed your product or service is.

As technology progresses, we can also notice rapid alterations in marketing strategies. For instance, marketers are focusing more on digital marketing gimmicks as compared to traditional marketing. However, that does not mean conventional marketing strategies are dropping in value. They remain pretty fundamental. Below, we have discussed some essential marketing ideas to help beat your competition.



  • SEO


Search Engine Optimization is and will remain the most important digital marketing strategy. SEO can considerably increase your website’s visibility and ranking on search engines like Google and Bing. It is also a great tool to build customer trust and loyalty and attract organic traffic to your site. However, to fully use SEO, it is essential first to understand some of its core elements, such as backlinks, on-page SEO, indexing, and keyword research.


Backlinks are links to other sites on a website; a significant number of backlinks mean a greater chance of a higher rating. On-page SEO mainly refers to the authenticity and structure of the content on your website. Indexing means to be present in a search engine’s search result. Keyword research suggests analyzing all popular terms people might use to search for your website and strategically placing them in your content. The primary purpose of each element is to increase your website’s ranking and attract organic traffic. When trying to optimize your website, keep in mind that your goal is to meld all these components.

The only stumbling block here is that SEO takes time to show its actual effect. You can’t optimize your site overnight. It’s a long-term process but worth the wait.


  • Google my business account


Another effective digital marketing tool is creating a google my business account. A Google my business account is especially beneficial for local businesses. It establishes a free-of-cost business profile and allows your business to show on google search, google maps, and branded searches. It provides the option of adding your contact information, address, email, and website link. Google recently started a comment option where customers can leave their recommendations/queries, and you can immediately cater to them.

Moreover, a google my business account also allows users to view a restaurant’s menu with just a single click. Restaurant editors utilizing their google my business account have access to a menu editor. They can upload and edit their restaurant’s menu at any time. Additionally, customers and owners are now also allowed to upload videos of a maximum of 30 seconds.


  • Social media marketing


It is surprising how social media is taking over our lives by storm in such little time. Nearly everyone is dependent on social media for their daily chores, be it buying an item, selling an item, or advertising an item. Today, almost 4 billion people use social media, with Facebook taking the lead. 71% of users claim to be avid Facebook users, and 54% say they check their social media handles almost every day.

Businesses can also immensely benefit from social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat allow companies to sponsor their products or services with minimal charges. Users can choose from an extensive range of packages, including the number of days the advertisement will run for and approximately how many people it will reach. These social media paid advertisements are an excellent way to increase brand awareness and elevate sales. 73% of marketers believe that social media is one of the most effective marketing strategies.

Marking your presence on social media and staying consistent and creative with your posts can help you stay ahead of your competitors.


  • Urban Marketing


As mentioned before, while digital marketing might be increasing, traditional marketing still hasn’t lost its essence. Sometimes, adhering to old practices in this modern online age works in wondrous ways. Street art, graffiti, murals are still hot attractions for the general public. So, take your marketing campaign to the streets; decorate on pavement or the side of a building. Sponsor different companies and think of unusual ways to market your product. Urban marketing’s purpose is to ensure people notice your company in its surroundings.

Urban marketing allows you to surprise your potential customers and attract a broader consumer base. Such sort of marketing tactic is a great idea to outplay your competitors.


  • Email marketing


Email marketing is one of the most professional and sort-out marketing gimmicks of all time. If used efficiently, email marketing can be very effective and productive. Email marketing allows you to create personalized content and directly reach your clients/customers (without involving any third party). It increases leads and can drastically boost revenue. Email marketing is cost-effective, easy, secure, and quick, reaching multiple audiences simultaneously and generating traffic on your website.

However, you must be careful with your emails. Make sure to add a creative and exciting subject line. Adding graphics like images and videos to your content helps increase your click-through rates considerably.


  • Guerilla Marketing


Guerilla marketing requires immense innovation and creativity. So, if you feel like doing things differently, give it a try. Guerilla marketing is an unusual form of marketing involving unconventional marketing tactics.

Guerilla marketing can go two ways; either it can immensely impress your consumer base or infuriate them. It’s a risky tool to use, but it can prove successful if done with enough thought and consideration.

Guerilla marketing can also make or break your competitors. If you are opting for it, make sure to do it right so you can beat your competitors with full force.


Business competition can get serious. If your competitors outperform you in their marketing plan, your company will be at a severe disadvantage. Hence, you need to ensure that you come up with the best marketing strategies for your brand.

The primary purpose of marketing is to let people know about your brand. Come up with such marketing gimmicks that force your consumer base to purchase from you. Hopefully, the above-given marketing tactics and tips can help you narrow your marketing strategies to eliminate competition. 

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