6 Email Marketing Secrets You Should Know About

How to Upgrade Your Healthcare Email Marketing 6 Email Marketing Secrets You Should Know About

ExecutiveChronicles.com | 6 Email Marketing Secrets You Should Know About | In 2021, email marketing efforts by businesses are set to grow by over 11%. More and more companies are realizing the benefits of email marketing campaigns.

Unlike social media, you have control over your email marketing list. Plus, the people on your email list trust you with their personal details and are more likely to be an engaged audience.

So, you want your brand and corporate emails to be the best they can be. But how do you compete against other brands and crowded inboxes? Inboxy will let you know some of the best email marketing tips you should know about.

1. Concentrate Your Efforts on the Subject Line

Open your inbox. Gmail is the most popular email provider, but Outlook and others work, too. Look at your list of emails without opening them. In most instances, you can only see the subject line and the opening line of the body content.

These short lines are where you should concentrate most of your email marketing efforts. Because if you do not grab the attention of your email list with these words, they will not open your email. It is as simple as that.

Knowing what to write in your subject line can be difficult. You want it to be relevant and not clickbait, and you want it to be exciting yet helpful.

Try the following ideas if you need inspiration:

  • Use emojis for certain target audiences
  • Ask a question your audience will answer “yes” to
  • Help your audience with a common problem, e.g., “how to.”
  • Start with a shocking statistic or quote
  • Use all caps when sharing exciting news

Never think you are spending too long mulling over the subject line. Because if you do not nail the subject line every time, the rest of the email is irrelevant.

2. Add Value to the Reader’s Life

Any email marketing company knows that people do things to help themselves. Whether it is a conscious choice, people read content because they think something will be useful.

So, your email marketing campaign needs to make this a priority.

Let’s say you have a dentistry business. You want to push your great teeth whitening services in your email newsletter.

You could write a subject line stating “get white teeth at 5th Street dental” and write a sales copy about the service. But this is unlikely to lead to clicks.

Instead, write a subject line stating, “How to achieve a dazzling Hollywood smile for less than $300.” You will have piqued your reader’s interest. They know the service is affordable, and who doesn’t want a Hollywood smile?

Always think about how you can help your reader before you start writing the email.

3. Get Personal With Your Email List

People follow their gut. They are emotional creatures and not heartless robots. So, one way to create more impact with your email marketing is through storytelling and human connection.

If you run a floristry business, tell a real-life story about how giving flowers made someone’s day. If you run an online course, use a case study to tell a story about how learning these skills benefitted one of your student’s lives.

And if you run a Moroccan tour company, interview the local woman who runs the cooking class on the tour and how much she benefits. Then, potential travelers can understand the positive impact they will have if they join the tour.

Don’t be afraid to lift the veil and show your readers the human side of your business.

4. Stick to Your Brand Identity

Email marketing is one branch of your marketing strategy. There is also your website, social media platforms, and any non-digital elements too. So if you are hiring a separate email marketing agency, ensure they are familiar with your brand identity.

If your platforms are not coherent, readers will think your business is not professional or trustworthy.

Your marketing emails should use the same colors and fonts as your brand identity. The same voice should shine through in the content of the email, too. You do not want to use colloquial language in your social media posts but seem formal in your emails.

So, create a brand guideline document. Then, everyone in your internal and external teams will know how to create the content, and all marketing copy will be consistent.

5. Put User Experience First

Many email marketing services get so focused on the content that they forget about the basics. It doesn’t matter how amazing the written content of the email is if the images are so large it takes 10 seconds to load.

Your readers will not hang around that long, and your hard work will be for nothing.

Ensure you upload photos under 1MB in your email newsletters at the most. Use simple, large fonts that are easy to read on desktop and mobile devices. Space your content in a strategic way so that it is easy to read and digestible in one sitting.

Make clickable elements big enough to press on any screen and keep them far away from each other. There is nothing more annoying for your readers than clicking one button for another opens instead.

It is also important for the user experience that you don’t write emails that are too long. You are not respecting your reader’s time, and they will not reward you for it. Be as concise as possible.

6. Include One Call to Action

What is the purpose of your email marketing strategy? Is it for your email list to read a blog post, buy a product, or find out more about your services?

Once you know what it is, make sure you include it in the call to action at the end of your email and throughout where relevant. But make sure it is the only call to action.

Too many instructions will overwhelm your reader and lead to them doing nothing. Your email should have one focus, and you are more likely to fulfill that focus when you do not split it.

Boost Your Email Marketing Results Today

Email marketing is one of the most reliable, organic, and affordable forms of marketing. The customers or clients on your email list are already engaged fans. And with these top email marketing tips, you will be able to communicate with them in a more successful way for your mutual benefit.

If you need more inspiration to boost your business or brand, browse our website for tons of helpful advice and ideas!