6 Deadly Phrases that can Ruin Relationships


By: Ana Margarita Olar| Executivechronicles

Relationships, like the other aspects of our lives, can face a challenge every time. You and your partner are not perfect because you are two separate individual with unique identity, personality, and emotions. One time or another you must have sworn, to be honest to each other.

Does honesty mean that you have to say everything that’s on your mind? Well, think again, because here are some deadly phrases that can ruin relationships:

  1. Do “this” or “that” if you really love me.

This is very unfair for your partner. You should teach your partner how to give love unconditionally to strengthen your relationships. This is a very manipulative phrase.

At first, you may get what you want but subjecting your partner to a constant guilt and stress just to prove the love will consequently drains the love.

  1. See? You should’ve listened to me.

When you are in a relationship it is very easy to lose yourself with one another. At some point, it may be healthy, but many times it’s not.

Overpowering your partner bruises one’s ego. A constantly bruised ego can ruin even a seemingly smooth sailing relationship.

  1. You are just like your: (insert relative: mother, father, siblings etc.)

First, avoid heated argument as much as possible. Learn to discern whether a situation needed immediate argumentation or if you and your partner can have time to let things cool first before talking about it.

But if the argument is necessary, make sure you focus on the situation at hand. Focus on the relationship. Don’t be unfair and compare your partner with your in-laws. Remember, each family has flaws and you don’t bring it up if it has nothing to do with your present situation.

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  1. You can’t do that…try something else…

It’s very hurtful when you criticize your partner about what they do such as being a husband, wife, lover, or a parent.

Negative words are hurtful especially if it comes from your partner. Remember the purpose of your relationship. You are there to build each other’s self-worth and not to destroy it.

  1. I want to break-up (or divorce).

These words affect the relationship depending on the case. If you are not happy with the relationship and things cannot be fixed, then go on and say it.

But constantly saying these things just because you’re angry at your partner is a no-no. Subjecting your partner to emotional blackmail is not very healthy and damage you caused might be irreparable.

  1. I’m too tired tonight (or any other night).

A strong relationship doesn’t depend on love at first sight. To nourish the relationship, the two individuals must constantly give an effort to fall in love with each other. So, when it comes to physical intimacy, saying “I’m too tired “every time is a bad habit.

This intimacy is a factor that makes a relationship more significant than any other relationships in your life. If the fire goes out, the thing is your relationship might be in danger.

Make a little effort to fall in love emotionally and sexually to your partner every day.

It is true that some things are better left unsaid. Think first before you speak.  No matter how hurt or angry you are, never utter words that you can’t take back which you’ll surely regret sooner or later.