6 Challenges Every Great Leader will Face

By: Ana Margarita Olar| Executivechronicles.com

Being a leader has its privileges. But it is far more than perks and benefits. A true leader will face many struggles and challenges, and here are some of them:


A great leader should set a good example. Who said it is easy to be a role model? It is easy once in a while. But when you have to be a role model for the whole organization think of how challenging it would be?

Eyes are always on you all the time. You are on the center stage. What you do and don’t do may be thrown up at you. And every leader has gone through this hard stage of leadership.


Once you become a leader, everything around you will change. And every day, there are possibilities for a change. A great leader cannot ignore this fact. Some of these changes are within your control, but some are the luck of the draw. Change is inevitable.


In every organization, there will be one or two “difficult people”. They may have the skills and intelligence but they are difficult to deal with. But your goal is not to change them or even controls them. The challenge for a great leader is how to extract their good qualities. You can use it to the advantage of your team or your organization.


It may be a need for downsizing, a failed task, or any negative happenings. Just like the good news, bad news may come and go in every organization. And the challenge for the leader is how to deliver it to each member of the organization. And the real challenge is not how you deliver it but how you remain positive despite the situation.


Stress and pressure are not a bad thing. In fact, these two are needed so that a person will push through life. But as a leader, pressure and stress tend to build up. You have the tendency to absorb all the negativity from each of your employees. Their problem is your problem. Their concern is your concern. And above all of these, you have to maintain a positive attitude and keep on going.

Great Leaders


Another struggle for a leader is professional and personal life. You can’t let it all out to your team. Even if you bond with the team, you have to maintain composure so that you will not lose their respect. There are also conflicting schedule between work time and family time especially if you have to work late. Evan so, these are responsibilities that you have to fulfill as a person and as a leader.

Remember you are equipped with skills, intelligence and passion to work through all these challenges. And if the pressure is too much, don’t forget that you can always call for help.