6 Careers for Working Moms

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Choosing to return to work is a difficult decision for many women. While the days of women being expected to stay at home to raise their children are behind us, many want to. Or at least want the option to work flexibly and still have time for their families. Unfortunately, many careers don’t allow this and so women are forced out of the workplace. These six careers offer flexibility and great options for working moms.


Freelancing is a great option. You set your own hours, work around family commitments, and take time off when you need it. Options for freelancing include writing, photography or design. The downsides of freelancing are that you may sometimes need to work while looking after your children, and there may not always be work available when you need it.

Starting Your Own Business

Many women choose to avoid any issues with flexibility by starting up on their own. It takes a lot of hard work, but the internet has made it much easier. Starting an e-commerce store, for example, only needs some stock and a great website. Some great businesses you can start from home include jewellery making, photography, baking and home furnishings.


Teaching can offer you great hours and holidays. Every evening and weekend off as well as school holidays sounds great. Teaching can be difficult and takes a lot of commitment, but can be worth it. Other jobs in schools, such as a classroom assistant or office staff are equally great.


Nursing can have difficult hours, but some nursing careers offer great flexibility. One of these is becoming a family nurse practitioner. You may get to work in a small healthcare practise with great hours. Nursing also offers many routes of progression, you could go into practice management or specialist nursing.


Marketing is a job that appeals to many women. It offers great flexibility and often many opportunities to work from home and set your own hours. More and more marketing can be done online now as digital marketing strategies grow in popularity. Women are often drawn towards marketing for both its creative and logical elements.

Customer Service Roles

Customer service roles, such as a sales assistant or working in a restaurant or bar, aren’t particularly well paid jobs. But they can be great fun, and have flexible part time hours. If you are just looking for a job for some freedom, time away from the kids, and a chance to meet new people, a role such as these might be ideal for you.

To an extent, the role you choose will depend on your current skills, and how much you need to earn. Whiles its relatively easy to earn a little extra cash from home, if it’s a full-time income you need, you’ll need either your own business or a job. With online study more readily available, any further training you need to start one of these careers could be possible with children. For example, an FNP degree online can be found from the University of Cincinnati.