6 Best Ways to Use a Staple Gun


Joanna Marie, Executive Chronicles | At one point or another, everybody will need to use a staple gun. It is a staple (no pun intended!) for every toolbox and most homes will have one sitting around somewhere. Staple guns have a wide range of applications and uses, from putting up flyers to re-upholstering furniture, so a staple gun is definitely something you need to have on-hand, even if you don’t have an immediate use for it – we guarantee that you will at one point!


This is the most likely place that you’ve seen a staple gun being used before. The staple gun is a very versatile tool when it comes to home improvement projects. Fixing a carpet with a staple gun is simple and effective, but it is also reversible. It is easier to tease out a staple than it is to overcome strong glue, which might need to be dissolved with strong chemicals. Your staple gun doesn’t have to be used on the floor either, it is a great way of firmly affixing an object to a wall, or even a ceiling.


This is another popular way of using staple guns. Upholstery projects are often more difficult than newcomers expect. However, when you use a staple gun to drive a staple through the fabric and into the furniture beneath, you can easily tighten existing fabric and prevent it from becoming creased over time. You want the staple gun to have as much power as possible, but you will generally need to spend more to achieve this though. You can find information and recommendations over at Staplegunreviews.Com.

Home Repairs

The staple gun is a very versatile tool, despite only serving a single function – to drive staples through things – it performs this job well. This one simple action, as it turns out, can be useful in a wide variety of contexts. It’s wise to keep a staple gun on hand just in case, even if you currently have no plans for it. Just don’t forget to get the staples as well!


When you are decorating, you will often want to hang up fabric, either temporarily or permanently. If you use a lower-powered staple gun, you will find it relatively easy to remove the staples after they have been placed. On the other hand, if you want to hang fabrics up permanently, use a high-powered stable gun instead.


As with decorating, staple guns find a plethora of uses on any construction site. If you regularly work in construction, think about adding a staple gun to your kit. From building animal habitats, such as bird houses or dog houses, to undertaking large-scale home improvements, a staple gun will serve you well and help you achieve your goals in a number of ways.


Despite the simplicity of its function, the simple act of fastening different materials together has been crucial for our understanding of construction, and design more generally, for most of human history. When you consider this, it is perhaps less surprising that having a staple gun can make so many jobs so much easier.

If you haven’t added a staple gun to your home’s toolkit, now is the time to do so! You never know when you’re going to need to use one, but if you don’t have one on hand you will feel frustrated. Should something happen, such as damage to your property from the weather, you’ll be glad you have a staple gun to put up some temporary cover.