6 Best Jobs for Finance Graduates in 2017

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Many young graduates aim for a career in finance and there has been a steady increase in applications to join MBA programs in the last few years. Many new positions are open to those holding MBAs as well as other post graduate finance degrees. But what are the best positions right now for finance students looking to make a buck? Here are six of the most sought after positions in finance for 2017.

1. Hedge Fund Manager

The latest trend in hedge funds is to develop their talent in-house, and for this reason, they have started their own graduate programs. As a hedge fund manager, your job would be to make speculative investments. This is one of the most sought after corporate finance jobs and the average entry salary starts at $90-125K. You can also receive hefty bonuses every year based on performance.

2. Financial Planner

As a financial planner, you’ll work in investments and your job will be to advise clients on the best ways to meet their long-term financial objectives. A financial planner is highly valued for their ability to explain complex financial concepts to their clients. It’s a well paying job with an entry level salary of around $31-$87K with expected bonuses of around $20K.

3. Relationship Manager

Also called an agent or broker, this position involves attracting new clients to a company and nurturing interactions with them in order to retain them and also persuade previous customers to return. The average salary for a relationship manager is $66,040 and you can also expect to receive bonuses.

4. Claims Adjuster

As a claims adjuster, your job will be to ensure that a client’s claims are in line with a firm’s eligibility standards. Your job will include evaluating the accuracy of submitted insurance claims, collecting any extra relevant material, and inspecting evidence tied to a claim.

5. Investment Banking Analyst

Even though entering the investment banking sector can prove to be difficult, and most positions in the sector are very demanding, once you’re in, you can expect to be handsomely rewarded for your efforts. As an investment bank analyst, you will analyze financial statements, construct financial models, research market trends, manage trades, prepare reports and assemble presentations for management. Entry salaries for investment banking analysts start at around $100-$150K with bonuses of around $15-$20K per year.

6. Quantitative Risk Analyst

As a risk manager, your job will be to assess and identify potential risks that may harm the reputation, safety, security and financial prosperity of an organization. And it’s a well paying job with salaries ranging from $80-$100K. Salaries also tend to go up as senior staff members are in short supply with the few available reportedly being able to name their own salaries.

As you can see, joining an MBA program is a very good investment, and there are tons of great high paying corporate finance positions you can apply for after graduation. Don’t hesitate to see what these positions have to offer before you make your choice of concentration.