6 Awful Email Moves and How To Avoid Them

6 Awful Email Moves and How To Avoid Them

Mitzi Ilagan | ExecutiveChronicles.com

Electronic mails, or emails are essential parts of anyone’s career, especially if you’re in the corporate and business world. With people sending at least one to two emails a day, etiquette then should be observed for proper communication. It doesn’t necessarily mean creating a perfect mail complete without errors, but then, there are habits which shouldn’t be carried on through these mails.

You send too casual emails.

This kind of communication is intended for more formal exchange of messages between to people. Unlike Facebook messages or SMS, sending e-mails need a certain kind of tone and format which you should observe depending on your recipient. Also, you have to be mindful of your ages, language barriers, or relationships.

You use vague or empty subject lines.

Upon receiving a mail, we read the subject line first. And it sometimes create an impression on what message you would like to convey. Sometimes, busy people tend to decide whether they’d open an e-mail or not based on the subject first. With that, you have to make sure that it is clear and concise.

You use different fonts.

There are no written rules for using font faces in your emails but if you are writing for a job opportunity, you should probably avoid it. It may confuse the receiver because of how your texts look like. The best choices would be black font color, from sizes 10-12 point, and using readable fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman.

You send e-mails beyond office hours.

Well, 7pm is an acceptable time to receive an email especially if it’s urgent but a 3am-e-mail thread would surely ruin your day even before it starts. If that matter needs to be attended to immediately, make sure to write it with courtesy.

You abuse the CC and BCC features.

How would you feel if you were sent an email in which you aren’t really engaged in, or is out of or beyond your business? Receiving such emails could take up your storage, and would just likely make you distracted. With that, you should be able to identify to whom you should address the message. Also, BCC could mean secrecy, which the other receivers may not want to know about.

Using an unprofessional email address.

In this time of the year, your old email addresses would probably have been replaced by new ones which clearly says your name. A funny email address would make you seem like an amateur. No matter who your recipient would be, it’ll be the best to get a coherent address.

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