6 Apps that Will Make Your Life More Convenient


By: Ana Margarita Olar | Executivechronicles.com

In our modern lives, there seems to be the constant need for urgency. Everything must be done ASAP. Everything must be done in a click. But with different responsibilities, how can we do it all efficiently without punishing ourselves.

Here are some apps to deal with our urgency and make our live a little convenient:

Have you ever gotten into trouble of listing everything from grocery items, schedules, deadlines, to-do list, and then at some point, the list is gone when you need it most?

Now, this app is convenient ways to list everything from groceries to your daily tasks and even your vacation plan. It offers a lot of icons. The price for this app is $2.99.

This app is a tool that uses geometers, accelerometers, and smart algorithms in your smartphone to detect and monitor your movements while you sleep. It can also detect if you had a good rest.

It is convenient when you are on a vacation (because you can stay longer in bed) or it can also be adjusted when you are on a tight schedule but have trouble sleeping. The price of this app is $1.99.

convenient (1)

This app offers different yoga exercise to choose from depending on the duration, level of difficulty, or simply the type of exercise that you like too. It’s convenient because it’s just one click away and, it comes for free.

This app uses the sensors on your smartphone to track your heart rate. It can monitor which part of the day or activity when you put too much stress on your heart.

It can also monitor whether you have enough physical activity or not, and this app comes for free.

This app will literally find your iPhone wherever you lost, left or dropped it. With this app, you can find your missing iPhone on a map, send a message on it, erase everything on it, and lock it remotely.

You can even play the sounds on it or the alarm. It is a safety feature for iPhone users.

This is for people who travels a lot because it can help you organize your daily activity and travels while taking the weather into consideration. You can plan what to do, where to go, and what to wear with this app.

Downloading and utilizing these apps wisely can surely make your life more manageable and more convenient.