5 Work Practices You Should Do Every day

Credit: Luis Llerena /Unsplash

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

You can’t expect to please everyone in the office, but you can exude positive aura  by best good work practices. Doing the best that you can is beneficial for your environment, and personal health. After all your success is also an inside job, which you need to do persistently and, passionately.

Greet and smile.   What’s the feeling if you  greet someone and he or she doesn’t react? Although we can name some justifications why some people are not keen on  smiling and saying hello; it’s generally, emotionally and scientifically cool and contagious when you smile.  According to Net Doctor, just using your smiling muscles even for no reason do wonders.

“Simply using the same muscles as smiling will put you in a happier mood,” Dr. Michael Lewis, psychologist at Cardiff University, shared. “That’s because use of those muscles is part of how the brain evaluates mood.”

Be Appreciative. Expressing your thankfulness especially verbally is a heartwarming gesture. It makes you easy to talk with, nice person inside or out, and  be an answer to someone’s bad mood.

Socialize with you colleagues. You may have impressions about particular groups of people in your office, but don’t let it affects your mission to reach  them out. Attend social functions like Christmas Party or team building even when it’s not compulsory.  Simple chat with someone in the pantry, comfort room or lobby will open a new social connection for you.

Remember and call their name.  Robert C. Lee once said “The sweetest sound to anyone’s ears is the sounds of his own name.”  Isn’t wonderful to be remember by someone and you call on a first-name basis? It breaks the wall and formality between two people that it looks they’re in early stage of their friendship.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Be Punctual. Nowadays employees only tend to be on time, when they’re going to meet their bosses, VIPs, and colleagues who are known for being punctual. The focal point here is the value of time that if you honor, it means you’re being professional and respect others . Train yourself to be on time and you will earn respect as well and perks that only most early birds enjoy.