5 Ways to Separate Yourself from Negative People


By: Ana Margarita Olar | Executivechronicles.com

Negative energy is as abundant as positive energy all around us. People who complain, blame others, gossips, and always pessimistic can influence your thoughts as well as your outlook on life.

These negative people drain your energy and positivity and make you think negatively as well.

Here are some ways to separate yourself from negative people:

  1. PRAY

Before you start doing anything, pausing, and praying opens up your mind and cleanses your heart. You have to decide that you are worth it. You have to believe that there is a Supreme Being who values your worth so you have to value yourself no matter how worthless other people think of you.

Make a choice to dedicate yourself to commit to achieving your goals, finishing your tasks and taking care of yourself: both physically and emotionally.


Toxic people can be everywhere. They complain constantly, always belittles you, gossips about you out of envy, and always doubtful. Or sometimes it’s the other way around; they always cling to you, look up to you for approval and always praise you in a way that’s emotionally draining.

These toxic people make you feel worse; they leave you feeling crumbled and tired.


When the toxic person is someone who is just an acquaintance such as your boss, a co-worker, or a neighbor, it is easy to get away from them. You can have a new job if your boss really causes you so much trouble and stress, you can look for another job.

You can ignore a co-worker or a neighbor who always make you feel drained and talks about nothing expect negative things. And, if you are in a toxic boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, you can call it quits and walk away.


Sometimes it is hard to walk away from negative and emotionally draining people. What if that negative person is someone you can’t walk away from? Your parents, your spouse, your child, there are times that these important persons are also the negative people in your life.

You have a nagging wife, a manipulative husband, a parent who never sees the good in you, or a child that doesn’t seem to listen to you. You would never want to walk away from them, you want to love them and help them instead. You can do this by protecting yourself and being strong psychologically. Take care of yourself, have enough rest, think positive thoughts, get advice from positive people so that you can help those negative people in your life.


While you are trying to separate yourself from negative people, try to reflect on yourself. Are you a negative person too?

At one time or another, you may have been the difficult child, parent, spouse or boss. Accept this fact and find some ways to improve yourself.

Negative people are everywhere. In fact, all of us may have been a negative person once in our life. Remember, you don’t have to please everybody. Just do your job, study well, accomplish your task, and don’t let negative people get in your way to success.