5 Ways To Improve Brand Awareness

From Customers to Lifelong Fans Brand Awareness


Brand awareness is crucial to success, as this is how you differentiate yourself from the competition and establish market dominance. Big brands always do well because people are aware of their company even if they do not have the best value products/services available – this can make it challenging for smaller companies to succeed, but there are a few great ways to boost brand awareness which could have a huge impact on sales and brand awareness. Whether you are a small startup, recently launched company or a bigger company looking to increase awareness, here are a few tips which can all have a huge impact on brand awareness.

Internet Marketing

In an internet-driven world, it is crucial that any company in any industry has a strong online presence and is easy to find as this is where consumers first turn when looking for any kind of product or service. Internet marketing can be used to improve search engine ranking, which is excellent for awareness and reputation, as well as to improve social media presence. Many agencies can also offer web design services to improve your company website.


Sponsoring a local charity, event or a sports team is a superb way to increase brand awareness whilst also showing that you are a business that cares about the local community. Just be sure that whatever you sponsor is not controversial or divisive in any way and will be something that appeals to your target market.

Host An Event

Hosting any kind of event is an excellent way to promote your company, get involved with the local community and get valuable face time with potential customers. A summer BBQ, winter fair, workshop or product launch are just a few ideas. Be sure to be friendly, utilize branded equipment such as a 10×10 canopy tent with the company name and logo and hand out branded merchandise. You may also consider offering freebies such as pens or mugs.

Hold A Competition

Everyone loves a competition, and they can be used as an effective tool to boost brand awareness for companies in all industries. Consider giving away a free product or service to the winner and have entrants share or retweet content and your brand will suddenly be reaching a huge amount of people. The cost of the free product or service will easily pay for itself with new customers.

Referral Schemes

In a similar vein, a referral scheme uses the reach of your current customer base to improve awareness. A referral scheme involves incentivizing current customers to refer your business to friends and family by offering a discount if someone they refer makes an order.

Increasing brand awareness is a big challenge for businesses and especially smaller companies trying to compete against larger, household names in their market. Fortunately, the above are all proven ways to boost brand awareness and, when used together, could transform your company and attract many new customers and improve brand reputation. They can be used regardless of the industry that you are in, and should seriously be considered by any company that is currently struggling to attract new customers or stand out from the crowd.