5 Ways to Declutter and Create a Minimal Home

5 Ways to Declutter and Create a Minimal Home

ExecutiveChronicles.com | 5 Ways to Declutter and Create a Minimal Home | Transforming your home into a sanctuary can be done in many ways. One way people like to go about this is by taking the minimalistic route.

Having a clear and clean aesthetic home can be beneficial for your overall mental and emotional health. If you’re looking to live in minimal home, keep reading to find out 5 ways to declutter your home.

1. Use Reductive Design for the Rooms

One of the core elements of a minimal home is reductive interior design. Reductive design principles insist on downsizing to the bare essentials. If it’s a room, the primary goal is to make it functional by stripping it down to only necessities by Object Removal.

To achieve a reductive design, go into each room and visualize it with the items that make it fulfill its purpose. For example, a bedroom can remain with only the bed, comfy rug, and dresser.

Then, clear out the extra items that don’t add value or seem to be in the wrong place. You want to break it down to a minimal form. This way you’re left with only functional essentials.

2. Plan for Storage

Going with a minimal home means discarding or temporarily storing away some stuff. Once you adopt a reductive design, you’ll realize there’s a lot of stuff to store away.

You don’t want too many belongings to stop you from decluttering your home. Once you make up your mind to declutter, plan for a safe storage option. Look for self-storage units near your home to make your transition to a minimal home smoother.

Self-storage units can give you breathing space when decluttering your home. You can store the items you’re not sure what to do with until you find sorting time.

3. Tidy Up Japanese Style

The Japanese decluttering style is a perfect method for a minimal home. This method advocates efficiency over sentimentality. It can also save you a lot of time.

The Japanese style recommends a ruthless tidying-up approach to prevent indecisiveness. Instead of hopping from discarding to sorting stuff, finish discarding everything.

4. Practice Mindful Buying

Clutter doesn’t grow by itself. It’s gradual and it starts with your spending habits. If you want to declutter your home, you have to think twice when buying new stuff.

Adding new stuff without discarding older ones eventually grows clutter. Keep your rooms lean and functional by avoiding buying anything new that isn’t necessary.

5. End With Family Mementos

This is another decluttering tip from the Japanese style. Marie Kondo, the proponent of the Japanese style, says starting decluttering with family mementos is a recipe for failure.

She suggests that it can be to discard emotional value items like photographs. She adds that we also tend to hold dear functional and informational belongings. So when decluttering your home, start with the things that don’t evoke emotions or memories.

Take Steps to Create Your Minimal Home

The foundation of a minimal home starts with a reductive design. It gives you specific parameters to avoid cluttering your space. If clutter has become overwhelming, you can keep some items in a self-storage unit.

You can achieve a clutter-free home by following these steps. For more advice on home improvement, check out the rest of our blog.