5 Ways on How Managers Unconsciously Sabotage Top Performers


By: Ana Margarita Olar| Executivechronicles.com

Are you a terror boss? Maybe you are not aware of it, but here are some ways which you can terrorize and sabotage even your top performers:


There is a thin line between a healthy supervision and micromanaging. Managers are often too preoccupied with perfection and adherence to the given schedule to the point that they sabotage an employee’s self-esteem and motivation.

Managers need to remember why they hired each particular employee and the employees need to feel a sense of trust and not be over-manipulated.

As a manager, you need to trust and let go of some control so as not to lose your employee’s motivation.

Assigns an impossible task

Challenging projects are very different with “impossible projects” . There is a time when managers step out of the line by giving you a task that is not clearly defined, no definite schedule, no guidance, and no resources at all.

As a manager, you should be careful when assigning a task to each employee. Make sure that it doesn’t conflict with an employee’s current task and if the deadline seems impossible, you need to provide guidance, resources and support for your employees.


While it is true that managers need to minimize mistakes, dwelling with an employee’s failure is a sure way to sabotage them no one wants to work if they are afraid to make mistakes. No one will bloom if they are hesitant to make their own decision regarding in achieving their tasks.

Instead of focusing on mistakes and failures, managers should be skillful enough to turn negative things into positive ones. You should focus on the lesson learned or on the best effort of the employee rather than the mistakes.


Constant changing of goals and priorities

A confused employee is an unproductive employee. How can they perform their job if the goal changes continuously? A manager can sabotage even the top performers if the employees feel that despite their best efforts, they are not achieving anything because the goal or priorities are being replaced every time.

It is impossible to finish a task if it is constantly changing. Don’t make your employees feel like a dog chasing their own tail but catching nothing. Make sure that they are finished with a certain task before leaping to another one.

Being a backstabber

Nothing is more devastating than a manager who tells an employee’s mistakes or even makes up stories to other employees or other managers.

Some managers are consciously doing this because they thought they would outshine others at the expense of another person.

They want to prove that they are good and others are not.

As a manager, you should have a daily reflection of yourself and you need to be confident without trying to make others look bad. If there is a problem, address the concerned person immediately.

As a manager, you should know that telling gossips or tall tales will not solve but will only worsen the problem.

Being a manager, you must have thought about difficult employees. But have you asked yourself, am I a difficult boss?  As a leader, you need to constantly reflect on yourself to make sure that you are not drowned by the prestige of being a manager.

In order to achieve every day’s task, you need to work hand in hand with your employees. Be a role model for them, inspire them guide them and motivate them.