5 Ways to Avoid Creating Toxic Work Environment

By: Ana Margarita Olar| Executivechronicles.com

It is normal to have a crazy and chaotic workplace-sometimes. When you are nearing the deadline or an unexpected thing happen, things can sometimes go crazy. It is normal when it happens sometimes, but not all the time.

So if your workplace is always chaotic, stressful and toxic, here are some tips that you can try:


A toxic work environment affects everyone in the organization. And everyone must have their own share in creating a toxic-free workplace. Every employee must start with them. Everyone must be aware that the workplace is already toxic. The first thing to do is to create awareness that there is such a situation which needs a solution. It takes a team effort to answer this problem. Everyone must do their part in avoiding unnecessary stress and focus on their task ahead.

Toxic Work


One thing that creates a toxic workplace is when people think highly of themselves. They neglect other people’s feelings. Employees should know each other to understand each other. Each should be more considerate of other’s feelings and situations as well. To do this, the manager should provide some time for “bonding” of employees. It could be a picnic, a party, or an office family day. This is the time when people can enjoy, know each other better and forget about the stress of work.


Be in charge of your work schedule even if you are an employee. Don’t let your task get out of control. Try working batch by batch than doing things at a random. For example set aside one time to read all emails, one time to do and encode reports, one time for planning, and so on. you’ll be more efficient with a little effort because you are focused on one task at a time.


Worrying is contagious; it can harm your life and the persons around you. Yes, it is important to think of future things and plan ahead. But worrying about imaginary things will not help you, and is bad for you. And when you always worry, you become irritable and unproductive. Then you become toxic to your workmates.


In an absence of balance, chaos reigns. So learn to maintain the balance between your personal life and work. Make sure you still find time to bond with friends outside of work, and more importantly, with your family. This is one way to let a breather and cleanse your mind from the stress of work. This way, you’ll go back to work inspired, energized, and with a lot of enthusiasm.

The secret to avoiding toxic in your workplace starts with each one of you. A workplace is stressful if it is filled with a weary and stressful employee. But a workplace filled with a happy and satisfied employee is a happy and productive workplace.