5 Tips to Find a Remote Marketing Job

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ExecutiveChronicles.com | 5 tips to find a remote marketing job | Are you a marketer interested in finding a remote job? In this article we’re sharing five essential tips what to keep in mind to succeed.

The remote working trend from recent years has picked up speed and popularity in 2020: Covid-19 forced many companies to let their employees work from home temporarily. In this time remote working has been normalized in society and many companies and workers have been exposed to the concept of working remotely and collaborating online. 

It seems that this effect is likely to last: There are already many popular examples, for instance Twitter and Square, who announced that their workforce is allowed to work from home even after the crisis. Additionally, plenty of companies were already fully-remote before the global pandemic, two examples being the automation platform Zapier or WordPress creator Automattic. 

If you want to jump on this trend and prepare for the future of work, here are five tips on how to find remote marketing jobs:

  • Assess if remote working is for you

Many people have been thrown into remote working beginning of 2020 due to the global Covid-19 crisis. This led to insights and new experiences around remote working. Some people have noticed that they don’t like working from home while others discovered that they love it. Therefore, you need to assess which applies to you. 

If you don’t have experience working remotely, consider either asking your current employer for the possibility to work from home a day per week or two weeks straight. If that’s not an option, you could try to take on a side project working remotely to figure out if working remotely is for you.

  • Find remote marketing jobs by using the right platforms

Remote working is still not the norm. Many popular job platforms – like LinkedIn, Monster or Indeed – are great to look for on-site jobs but are not specialized for remote jobs. 

No need to get stressed about this because there are plenty of great other platforms that focus on remote marketing jobs, for instance Hey Marketers, Demand Curve, MarketerHire or Growth Collective. It’s a good idea to browse several of these specialised platforms for remote marketing jobs, in order to see all available opportunities.

  • Know what remote companies are looking for

Remote-friendly companies tend to emphasize different kind of soft skills for remote jobs. As companies don’t get to see you in the office and onboard you in-person, they need to make sure that you can be trusted to get the job done from wherever you are.

We’ve seen companies looking especially for self-motivated people, who don’t need to be chased by their manager to get work done, while being great at organizing yourself and your work. Finally, remote working requires being able to utilize the power of certain tools like Slack, Trello or other productivity tools. 

  • Adapt your CV for remote jobs

Just like companies have different requirements for remote jobs, you should adapt how you present yourself for remote jobs compared to regular on-site jobs. You need to highlight that you possess the crucial remote working skills that companies list in their job ads in addition to the kind of soft skills mentioned above.

  • Practice remote job interviews

If you have your first remote job interview, be prepared to be surprised how different it is. You don’t get to make the same impression on the interviewer as during in-person interviews because they just see you through your camera. Speaking of which, make sure that you got appropriate technical equipment and be prepared to handle technical issues like a bad internet connection during the interview.

Building rapport with the recruiter on the other side of the camera is a different ball game as well. Get some practice with a friend beforehand by having some small talk and being aware of tips for video-interviews like looking at the camera instead of the screen to simulate eye contact.

In conclusion, we demonstrated that remote jobs differ in quite a range of factors. Not only the job itself will be different but also the whole application process and skills required. You need to account for that if you want to land a remote marketing job. Get yourself prepared by following the five outlined tips.